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Political Diatribes from the Guestbook

This is a compilation of the "hate mail" and other political postings, rants, kudos, etc., that my Chairborne Ranger guestbook page accumulated, mostly during the 2004 election season. Some of these items are so choice that I wanted to preserve them for posterity, so I kept them here when I moved the rest of the site.

Want to attack me and add your own Monkey Mail to the mix? Think you've got the right stuff? Go ahead and , but keep in mind that if you are a freeper, lurker, Repugnican thug or moronic troll, you will be skewered in public and you will NOT get the last word.

Note: I was a member of the Washington State Veterans for Kerry Steering Committee and I maintained the mailing list for the veteran supporters of Senator Kerry. That's what those odd references in the newer posts are all about.

Dear Bro, I am a 57 year old Deserter. I love your site especially your hate mail you received.
Well Fuck Those Lifer Motherfuckers and Chickenshit Chickenhawks. I fell for all that Propaganda and wanted to escape a bad scene at home and enlisted in the Navy. I'm a Canadian who was raised in South Chicago from age one. I wound up at RTC San Diego 27 Nov 67.
Let me tell your readers many SUCKERS ( Boots ) were tortured in the "4050" Brig there and their asses run for miles carrying two buckets of sand at shoulder height in between two billy-swinging " chasers " who blew whistle commands at the victim now turned into a scared robot.
I was in service school in Memphis when KING was killed. I was stationed at MCAS El Toro in a barracks with returned helicopter door gunners. I was beaten to a pulp in D.C. by a gang and my shipmate had brain surgery at Bethesda from a pop bottle upside the head and got a Medical Discharge for a lousy six bucks. (No mention of this in my service record -- I'm listed as U.A. but was in Bethesda ).
I received twenty stitches on my left forearm when I defended myself from another sailor trying to hit me over the head with a lamp. ( I was reduced to E-2 ). I was sent on the USS SARATOGA for her NINTH MED Deployment ( July 69 ) and got the clap in Franco’s Spain, visited the Greek Military Juntas shithole ports, the "GUT" in Malta, and we were stoned in Turkey. We could not go ashore in Toulon ( only officers could ) because with the Paris Peace Talks there was much Anti-Americanism.
We weren't allowed civvies onboard ship least we desert...these, however, were available for rent in the basement of the Norfolk ( Shit City ) Navy " Y " where they held dances. I saw the Propaganda Master Bob Hopes BULLSHIT SHOW just before Xmas 69 off Gaeta.
I deserted in March 70 from NAS Oceana, Va. because I had it with getting treated like a piece of shit criminal. I hitchhiked with a soldier just back from Nam who gave me a buck cause I deserted the day before payday. We got picked up by a Maryland State Trooper in civiies driving a Mustang. He gave us each a can of beer.
"Where you headed?" he wanted to know...( I didn't know he was a cop ).
"Fuck-I'm goin to Canada " I said " I had it with this Bullshit "
He said "You shouldn't tell me that buddy-I'm a Maryland State Trooper"
" Shit-I was only kidding " said I.
He said " Don't worry man..." " I'm an ex Merchant Marine "...
When he got out to pump gas he had on a 38 on his hip I observed.
I wound up in an Oasis in Pennsylvania busted and dejected. A Lifer in civvies came up to my table.
"Where you headed mate" he said.
"Chi" said I.
"You are in luck buddy I'm goin’ to Great Lakes Naval Hospital " he said.
I never told him where I was really going. He was a Gunners Mate First Class and had shrapnel in his left eye. He told me he was sole survivor of a river boat in RVN and got the Silver Star. He was a Korea Vet.
My old man supported me. He was a WW2 RCNVR overseas vet (born in USA). I took a train to Toronto. Got a job as a brakeman on the CNR. The WW2 vets there supported me. (Because of them their sons did not go to Nam--Canada did not participate--they KNEW they were fucked over in WW2-all the millions dead for nothing other than BIG BUSINESS).
I got an Undesirable in 1976 when I wrote my Congressman Percy. I been back to the States 300 times since.
That Motherfucker Bush and his Fourth Reich are cracking down on 56 year old USMC Deserter Grandfathers, putting them in the Brig, etc. to put the fear in the new crop of working class SUCKERS and naive troubled boys who ran away from home.
Send fucking Tom Hanks to Iraq.
I doubt if I'll ever return to AMERIKA...My bro lives in Chi. I last saw the guys I grew up with in 72 when I was wanted by the FBI...My old man died in Terre Haute in 99. I lived in "RED CHINA" and married a local from Shanxi Province up North....There is more " DEMOCRACY " there than in the US and Canada combined.
Tell all your FUCK HEAD NEO CON SIMPLETONS that send you hate mail they better learn Mandarin soon. Pretty soon China will be outsourcing jobs to AMERIKA for cheap labour, you dumb assholes who voted for DUBYA should know. He doesnt care if every working class stiffs son in AMERIKA gets blown to smitherreens....1984 is NOW, AMERIKA.
This Neo Con Fairy Prime Minister who wants to pull the same shit here with Canadian Troops in Afghanistan will soon be booted out of office as soon as a few more young SUCKERS who bought into this "Terrorist" Hoax get blasted.
AMERIKA is just about bankrupt.
Feel free to put this on your website Pal.
You have lots of Balls, Dennis Mansker.
B.W. Lloyd 536665 USN RETIRED!
Canada -- Wednesday 15 March 2006 at 15:46
New Monkey Mail!
29 October 2005: After a long dry spell, I'm finally getting more Monkey Mail. It seems I have been nominated for a special honor by an anonymous VFW post somewhere in cloud-cuckoo-land:


Over the past 2 years 59 members of my VFW Post have been voting to elect idiots for our award each month. Each month veteran members ranging in age from 35 to 87 pay attention to the news and pick out one person seen or heard on the media spouting idiotic statements.

In your case one of our members stumbled upon a website showing you as the Webmaster.
What was your first clue? The fact that the URL is my name? You guys are fucking sharp! Even if you do have to "stumble" around the Internets.
We usually honor media people with our award and with only a couple exceptions never a U. S. Military Veteran but after reading some of the statements you embarrass all military veterans with we've decided that you have met our award standards and have been nominated by one of our members.
I feel so special. Regardless of the fact that our correspondent can't be bothered to specifically identify not even one of those statements that "embarrass all military veterans"...
We have a member that manufactures milking machines and has the process to emboss on a small plastic strainer pad the photo obtained from the internet or media of the idiot. If a photo is not available then we have an image of a jackass rear quarter we use with the persons name below it. When this is done the strainer pad is added to a urinal in our Post restroom. That way when we get the urge we can enter the restroom and take a look at the current elected idiot. You have been nominated and will be voted on 31 October, 2005.
What can I do to campaign for this? This is a singularly prestigious honor, and I would be proud to be in the august company of such former winners as Ted Kennedy, James Carville, Susan Estrich, Michael Moore, Jane Fonda and Howard Wolfson. Just ask and I'll be glad to send you a good photograph of me. And can you send me in return a photograph of the urinal with my photo on the strainer? If you do, I will post it on this website. Oh, and could you put the URL of the website on the strainer as well? I'd like to drive as much business to this site as possible.
Every time you lame-assed wingnuts attack me, it's just more free publicity for me and I sell more books. In the words of our non-illustrious non-leader, Baby Doc Bush, "BRING IT ON!"
If you are elected then in the following week your photo will be added to one of our urinals. This group of veterans have fought in wars starting back in 1941. You are an idiot. Semper Fi!! GySgt. G. Johns USMC (Ret.)
Jeez, Gunny, it's funny, you are calling me an idiot after you spray me with this puerile attempt to make me feel...well, I really don't know how I am supposed to feel about having a bunch of neo-fascist late-stage-alcoholic sclerotic-livered shoelace morons pissing cheap weak beer out of their syphlitic kidneys onto a urinal pad with my name and picture on it. Give me a clue, here, Gunny: What were you going for? Embarrassment? Humiliation? Resentment? Anger?
Yes, you are right, I guess I am an idiot -- if by "idiot" you mean someone who graduated college magna cum laude, volunteers 20 hours a week at the VA hospital and pulls down in excess of $100k as a computer geek and writer. I don't really have the free time to slouch around a shabby VFW hall with a bunch of stuporously drunk losers and has-beens, swilling watery beer and cursing those treasonous "liberals" (most of whom I hope you realize are military veterans, unlike the vast majority of the "leaders" in the current maladminstration). But then I have an IQ of only 63 and you are SOOO much smarter than me, Gunny -- I'm sure you can top that résumé without even breaking a sweat..
You're smart enough to hide your location so I won't have the opportunity to drop by and take a look at that urinal. You're smart enough to hide behind a Hotmail account so I won't be able to track you by your ISP. You're even smart enough to hide behind your first initial, "G", with the hopes that I won't be able to figure out that your first name is "Guy".
But tell you what, Gunny, I'm not really what you could call a vindictive man, and to show you that even liberals can take a joke, why don't you come on back with all of the specifics as to why you and your band of brotherfuckers think I deserve this honor and in return, if I am indeed the lucky winner, I'll dedicate the royalties from the sale of my books for the whole month of November to a non-religious charity in the name of your local post. How's that for a fair deal?
You see, Gunny, unlike you, I am a proud defender of EVERYONE'S free speech rights, even yours, and I -- along with the majority of my fellow liberals, and 100% of my fellow members of Veterans for Peace, Veterans Defending the Bill of Rights, etc., -- was in the military so that morons like you could have the freedom to spew your self-indulgent, self-righteous and socially destructive invective.
BTW, Gunny, word on the street has it that Osama Bin Forgotten has a permanent installation on your number one urinal. Maybe you can explain to me why he's still at large, days after your pansy-ass draft-dodging Nat Guard deserter and Chickenhawk-in-Chief swore that he'd "smoke him out".

Evidently our new good buddy Gunny Johns has a lot of time on his hands, and I'm in very good company: Check out what The New Hampshire Gazette did in response to their nomination by Gunny and his crew. I just love the photograph. See also what ex-Marine James Carville has to say about Gunny on the New York Forward website.

Update: Hey, Gunny, here's a picture you can use. This was taken just today at an anti-war rally. The sign around my neck? That has the name of Sp4 Alex Fallstone, a Stryker soldier who was killed early this year. His mother is a friend of mine.
Why don't you put this photo in the urinal, so you can have the pleasure of not only pissing on me but also on the memory of Alex Fallstone. How about it, Gunny?

Dennis Mansker, Author, Vietnam
Veteran and Peace Activist

Update #2 11 Nov 05: -- Jeez, I'm beginning to think that Gunny wasn't really serious about this. Monday came and went without any notification from the Gunny that I'd won or lost the voting for the award. So I sent him an email to ask him what was up, but he hasn't even bothered to respond.
I think the whole thing was just a cruel hoax, and that they don't really have those promised urinal splash pads with anyone's photo on them, let alone mine. I think I've been trifled with. Gunny got my hopes up over winning an award that didn't even exist. And I thought we would get to be such good pals, too.
What a fucking wimpass loser you are, Gunny. What, you didn't get the reaction you wanted out of me, so you just took your ball and went home?
Chickenshit motherfucker.

Jeez, the election has been over for almost five months and I'm still getting the wingnuts crawling out of the woodwork. This one started off simply enough, as an email sent to my "farnsworth" email address, the one I use only to communicate with the mail list of the organization formerly known as Washington Veterans for Kerry: You the vets who supported kerry?
Steve Epperson which I replied, reasonably: "Yes, our organization was formerly known as WA Vets 4 Kerry. After the election, we reorganized ourselves here in the state, and then a number of us were present in Milwaukee for the national organizing convention of Veterans and Military Families for Progress. We decided to go non-partisan since it was the general feeling and belief that we could get a lot more accomplished for veterans and veterans related issues if we weren't so closely tied to any single candidate or political party."
His response to this was somewhat unexpected:

If you were for that dirt bag (kerry), please never contact me.
Steve Epperson

So I decided to give him an unexpected message in return: "You've got a lot of fucking nerve. In case you don't remember, YOU were the one who contacted me.
Don't worry, I've got enough on my plate without worrying about contacting ass-flaming motherfuckers like you. Go ahead and display your "support the troops" ribbons while you ignore the agonized screams coming from the Iraq amputees who are waiting in veterans hospitals for medical care that is being rationed because of the Repugnican thugs that you voted for refusing to recognize that the cost of war includes taking care of our disabled veterans.
I am a disabled Vietnam veteran, and I am proud of the fact that I supported a decorated fellow Vietnam veteran for president over a fratboy cocaine addict who amazingly combined being a fucking draft-dodger with being a fucking National Guard deserter.
Pathetic, really, that morons like you would actually vote for him.
Fuck off, asshole.
Any further emails from you will be bounced without being read. I'm far too busy to waste my time on losers like you."
As expected, that got his goat:

"I am a disabled Vietnam veteran......."
Ooooohhhhahhhhh! What a guy!
So am I. Want to get in to a dick measuring contest and compare disabled % and service??????
"Go ahead and display your "support the troops" ribbons while you ignore the agonized screams coming from the Iraq amputees who are waiting in veterans hospitals for medical care that is being rationed because of the Repugnican thugs that you voted for refusing to recognize that the cost of war includes taking care of our disabled veterans."
From the Mar/Apr 2005 DAV Rag: Veterans Health care funding is $1.5 billion higher than last year, and $1.2 billion more than Pres Bush requested.
You an Evergeen grad mansker?

There really wasn't any point debating the numbers with the poor guy (although I could very easily-- for example, see the Senate vote on increasing medical care for veterans by $2.8 billion -- ALL the Democrats voted for it; all the Republicans voted against it). People like him are not part of the reality-based community, anyway. Instead I sent this back to him:
Okay, Steve, you've had your say. Thank you for sharing your opinions with me. I am sure that they are well-conceived and well-thought-out opinions, given your obvious high level of educational attainment and emotional maturity.
And I really do apologize for responding in kind to your attempts to bait me as a Kerry supporter. I should have stuck to my principles, one of which is a refusal to engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.
Let me say only this: I assume that you have children and they are in the military, serving in Iraq. If they are not, then you are a hypocrite. I assume that you are volunteering your time at a veterans hospital or veterans outreach facility. If you are not, then you are a hypocrite. I assume that you are giving a portion of your income to programs that house the homeless and feed the hungry. If you are not, then you are a hypocrite.
And like most Repugnicans, you also have an unhealthy interest in other men's penises. A "dick measuring contest"? Really, Steve, I think you ought to get some therapy. I really do.
And let's just leave it at that, shall we?
Best regards, have a good life, and let's NOT do lunch.
Irony and sarcasm, unfortunately, are lost on these guys. His next action was to attempt to post my original email to him on the Guestbook Page on this website, with the following comments:

I ask the chaireborne ranger if he supported the dirtbag kerry and he responded: [quoted email] Really smoothe.

BTW, have you ever noticed how inept these guys are at spelling, grammar ... and thinking? And HE questions ME about MY education?
I sent him a response that said, "Steve, you didn't really think this was going to show up on my website guestbook, did you?"
He replied:

Why not-isn't that your true self expressing your intolerance? Are you ashamed of your reply?

No, Steve, I was fucking with you. Of course I'm going to post it...and here it is. Had you taken the least amount of time to read some of the monkey-mail emails and my responses to them below, you'd know that my reply to you was mild, and that I am incapable of feeling shame.
So finally he sends me the following in response to my last diatribe to him:

Like you, I served in VN-69-70.
I wasn't a chairborne ranger-11B4S.
My son served in Afghanastan.
My son in law served in Iraq and will likely get an oak leaf cluster on his been there ribbon before he ETS.
I spend 9 hours a day providing services to disabled veterans.
I provide support to an orpahange in the Phiillpines ran by a retired Special Forces medic, and a homeless shelter in Spokane.
I do have a good life (work often leads to that), and I agree, lets not do lunch!

Well, tempting as it was to tell Steve that drinking at the VFW until closing every night doesn't really count as providing services to disabled veterans, I decided to just leave it at this. This is one of those flame wars that could go on in perpetuity, and as much as I would have enjoyed it, I just don't have the time for it.
Sorry, Steve. It's been fun, but all good things eventually come to an end.

I am not a vet (but thanks to all of you who are), and I am a Kerry supporter. Thanks, Dennis, for this great site - it just proves how much more open-minded and rational Kerry supporters are.
Marina Riggio <>
St. Augustine, FL -- Friday, 22 Oct 2004 at 1304
Thank you, Marina. It's good to hear from a Florida voter who is on the winning side. Of course you were on the winning side LAST time, too, but this time we're not going to let them steal the election.

Hate Mail!
I thought Margaret was bad, but Roger Manfredo is beyond the pale. He's in the realm of the truly disturbed.
Here's the background: I received a number of emails from this deranged person sent to the other website, Vietnam Writers for Kerry. They were, to say the least, both voluminous and repetitive. I've gone through them and collected the "choicest" parts to reproduce here.
Warning: Rated NC-17 for language.
As you can see below, he thinks he is "invisible". As you will also see below, he is not.
Why not take some time out from fucking each other in the ass, to get the facts on the assface that you want to put in the Whitehouse! The last time the Democrats had a slick talker like Kerry, he was getting a blow job off of the Oval Office. Now you dirtbags want to put a fag hero there next! Yah! Try and convince us that we aren't suppose to vote for Bush because he allows soldiers (real ones, not cunts like you dicks)
"...cunts like dicks..."? I think somebody wasn't paying attention is biology class.
to "torture" the prisoners. You silly assholes dont even know what TORTURE is.
Yes, we do: Torture is having to read your painfully pathetic emails.
Go read Mc'Cain's book. Find out what torture really is, you stupid dicks.
How could we win the war when cowardly fucks like you were hiding behind a typewriter! What did you expect to do? Kill them with WORDS?
I guess YOU want a medal for that staple that you got in your finger while beating your meat in the latrine, huh?
Yeah, I was masturbating with a stapler. Ouch. You must be a product of a Republican private religious education -- that's the kind of thing they teach there, I'm told.
You ass face mother fucker.
Is that also the same John Kerry that called the American soldier in Vietnam a WAR CRIMINAL? Sorry liver lips, but I prefer to choose the man that MC'CAIN chooses to run the country. Not some, FOR FAGS, FOR ABORTION,
"Fags" generally refers to male homosexuals. How can they get abortions? Why would they need them? Biology class, again. Must be that "faith-based" education.
FOR MORE TAXES, FOR AFFIRMATIVE ACTION, FOR SUCKING FRENCH ASS, LIBERAL, that can't make up his own mind on anything except how to echo an opinion poll.
Editorial comment: At this point in our email relationship, I asked him the following question: "Why don't you go over to my other website at and leave a public guestbook entry so I can skewer you in a PUBLIC forum?"
Editorial comment: In a later email, I posed the question a little differently: "Why don't you post your weak-minded grammatically-challenged lunatic ravings on my guestbook for everyone to see them?" I confess, I misled poor Roger into thinking that I wouldn't post it on this website unless he signed the guestbook. I lied.
Because what I have to say is between ME and YOU liver lips. Thats why.
Editorial comment: He thought he was being really clever by Googling me and finding out that I live in Olympia, Washington, and that I work for the Department of Employment Security. He made some kind of a veiled threat about whether I'd have a job after the election, so I needled him a little: "…and now you know where I work, the town where I live, etc. while I know nothing about you."
I guess that makes YOU the dumb fuck right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH
No, Roger, that makes you the dumb fuck. See below.
Now move to the back of the line will ya? There's a nigger that wants your job!

Roger Manfredo <>
What makes the series of emails especially disturbing are not so much the personal attacks or the suggestions that I perform what I believe are anatomically impossible acts, but the racist and homophobic ravings, all of them coming evidently from a BUSINESSMAN at Lake Ozark, Missouri.
Yes, it's true: Our little Roger, as a cursory investigation on the Internet has revealed, runs a bed and breakfast establishment at the following address:
Lake Ozark Bed and Breakfast
454 Hickory Rd.
Lake Ozark, MO 65049
Telephone 573-365-3839
Now, as usual, I do not want anyone to spam Roger on my behalf, or to complain to the local Chamber of Commerce, the Better Business Bureau, the State of Missouri Human Rights Commission, etc. I am sure that somewhere in here is a simple misunderstanding.
In point of fact, it is my belief that some weak-minded and disturbed adolescent has been using the computer at the bed and breakfast to transmit these scurrilous attacks, so if the REAL Roger Manfredo contacts me with an apology for the misbehavior of whomever in his household is attacking me, I will gladly remove this entry.
So how about it, Roger?

Editorial comment: Our boy Roger has some anger management problems, it seems: Check out what he said about, apparently, ALL Muslims here.

And BTW, what is it about Republicans that makes them SO interested in homosexuality? See for example, Margaret's 10/16/04 email #2 below. Can it be some repressed sexual leanings that they are afraid to admit to themselves? Doctor Freud, where are you now that we really need you?

More Hate Mail from Margaret!
We've heard from "Margaret" yet again. And twice in one day again. My wife is starting to get suspicious...

First email: 16 Oct 2004 at 20:16--
You have such a foul mouth

At least I don't have an asshole where my mouth is supposed to be.
for such a small man with such a tiny mind. It amazes me that we were in the same army.
It amazes me that we are on the same planet.
I have to admit, you're right about one thing, "Why should you even care what happens to this stupid website after Kerry wins the election? It's not like you are one of my biggest fans." You are right about the "not caring" thing and about the "stupid website' description; but, you are dead wrong about Kerry winning.
Oh, Margaret, your lips say "no no no" but your eyes say "yes yes yes". For someone who claims he doesn't care about this stupid website, you certainly seem to spend a lot of time here.
You have your head up your ass, as usual, in regards to Veteran's benefits - but, I believe, we both know that. President Bush has increased Veteran's benefits by > 36% over his 4-years in office. Anything that you say to the contrary is a lie.
Like the Bush Maladministration trying to close THREE veterans hospitals just in the State of Washington? That's a lie? Prove it. Prove that they didn't try to close them. Prove that the Bush Maladministration isn't cutting nearly ONE BILLION dollars from the budget of the VA next year.
Take a look at this comparison between Democrats and Republicans on issues important to military personnel and veterans -- I suppose these are all lies as well? Prove it.
So tell me again why you are supporting The Shrub ... Never mind, I know the answer already: You are a moron.
If you are so confident about the military exploits of your hero - the traitor Kerry - join me in asking him to sign an SF-180 form to disclose his military history. YOU DON'T HAVE THE GUTS!!
I will when your "war hero" president proves that he was actually attending his REQUIRED Air National Guard drills in Alabama. You live there. Maybe you could do a little research, do your boy a favor, prove he was there, and walk away a cool $50,000 richer.
Instead, you will live in your little dream world and hope like hell the clock runs out before the facts about Kerry's Vietnam [mis]advantage becomes known to the General Public.
"Misadvantage"...? You've got me there. Sounds like you've been listening to your addle-brained tongue-tied village-idiot hero too much. But then I don't want to misunderestimate you.
In regards to the fact that you are funny looking, well, I really can't do a damn thing about that, now can I?
Neither can I. But then I have an IQ of only 63 and I can't be expected to.

George "Margaret" Qullivan <Margaret Quillivan>

Second email: 16 Oct 2004 at 20:59--
Are you a homosexual?
Why do you ask? Do you want a date?
Here it is, folks, the REAL reason Margaret is my biggest fan. Sorry, Margaret, I'm not your type. I'm "funny looking", remember? Besides, I have an IQ of only 63. You're way too smart for me, and your mommy wouldn't approve.
What's with the demand that I get my own website?
When did I demand that you get your own website? I suggested that you get your own email address. You do know the difference, don't you...?
Why is that so important to you? Have you ever sought counseling on this matter?
"BTW, if you don't want me to call you "Margaret" any more, why don't you go to Comcast Member Services and GET YOUR OWN FUCKING EMAIL ADDRESS? You'd have a lot more credibility if you stopped hiding behind mommy's skirts." AND "Well, George, why don't you get your own email address and quit hiding behind your wife's skirts? If you had shown the very least amount of respect possible in your first diatribe and given me your real name, I wouldn't be "mocking" your wife." Man, I think you have issues.
You're right, I have issues. I'll get counseling first thing in the morning. I'm glad we had this little chat. I feel so much better now, and I have the feeling that finally I'll manage to somehow pull together the shattered pieces of my life and move on. There'll be a brighter day tomorrow, lordy lordy.
What do you think about the brave guys in the Army Reserve transportation platoon that refused a direct order to move forward in Iraq:\?
They are refusing duty? What, are they in the Alabama wing of the Texas Air National Guard? In any case, they are way smarter than you, monkey boy.
Did you transportation groupies in Nam do that as well? Just wondering.
No, we were all war heroes, remember?
See ya
Margaret, you've disappointed me. I thought for sure that you would go to that website and show me all the places they were wrong. But no, you can't do it, can you? You have to keep popping up new and ever-weaker ad hominem attacks on the next president of the United States because all of the other ones have fizzled out.
So long, Margaret. It's been fun, and I hope you don't cry yourself to sleep when Kerry wins the election.
Don't bother submitting any more Monkey Mail -- as you can see from the entry above yours, I need to free up bandwidth for the truly demented.

Hate Mail!
We've heard from "Margaret" again. And twice in one day! Just goes to show you that you can't keep a good woman down.

Post #1: 10/9/2004 at 15:48
I am writing in support of Bill Watters, San Antonio, TX -- Friday, 27 Aug 2004 at 14:50 email. [see below]
You stated that, "John Kerry WENT into the military when he didn't have to, and went to Vietnam when he didn't have to, and, despite the now completely discredited efforts of the Swift Boat Liars for Bush, came home a wounded and decorated war hero".
I find this statement odd because I had no idea that the 240+ Swift Boat Veterans, including the 60 Veterans that worked side-by-side with the "poodle" were proven to be liars. Apparently the Public has no idea of this event either. So, please,document exactly when and where this happened.
I would appreciate your ealiest [sic] and most detailed response.

GEORGE Qullivan <Margaret Quillivan>

The "poodle"??? Was Tony Blair in Vietnam with the Swift Boats? Wow, that's news to me. Have you alerted the media?
I offered several paragraphs of rebuttal to Bill Watters -- and this is the only thing you found to argue with? Does that mean you agree with everything else I said?
The "Public" has such a good idea of the Swift Boat Lies that NO ONE is buying them any more. Even Faux News has given up on it. It is a non-starter, clung to only by the weak-minded, the foolish and the desperate. Like you.
Margaret, if you could manage to pull your head out of your ass long enough to take a breath of air to feed your oxygen-starved, alcohol-riddled, developmentally-challenged and thinking-impaired brain, you would realize that NOT ONE CHARGE put forth by the Swift Boat Liars for Bush can pass the straight face test. I suggest that you go to this website: Swift Boat Veterans for "Truth" v. The Truth, read the DOCUMENTED material there, and then come back and tell me, with a straight face, that you still believe the swill being passed off as truth by the pack of Repugnican thugs you so gleefully want to follow.
I would also suggest the always even-handed analysis at -- see it here, as well as Snopes.
But here is my prediction: You will not go to these websites and read the truth because, in the immortal words of Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men, YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH. You'd rather sell out your fellow veterans and, along with your fellow travelers in the Moron-American voting bloc, cast your ballot for a lying babbling weak-kneed draft-dodging National Guard deserter, a brain-damaged Karl Rove meat puppet who would piss his codpiece pants if he ever heard a shot fired in anger, who is busy creating thousands of disabled veterans at the same time he's closing down veterans' hospitals, and who thinks it is good public policy to cut nearly ONE BILLION DOLLARS from the 2005-2006 budget of the Veterans' Administration. If the Bushies steal the election again, then God help you if YOU ever need health care at a veterans hospital, you pathetic loser.
Post #2: 10/9/2004 at 18:42
Dennis, I saw your Vietnam photo [on the book cover -- see Bad Attitude] ... you look just like the jerk that you have grown into. Are you going to shut down this stupid website after President Bush's re-election, or will you and your leftie pals continue to drink the kool-aid and howl at the moon?

George Qullivan <Margaret Quillivan>

No, Margaret, I am actually a much better-looking jerk these days, now that I've been working out at the gym and taking Karate lessons, in anticipation of our big "challenge" [see below].
Why should you even care what happens to this stupid website after Kerry wins the election? It's not like you are one of my biggest fans. Or maybe you are, since you now have the distinct honor of being my Most Frequent Poster. I'm sorry that I don't have some kind of award for you, since I suspect it would probably have a lot of meaning to you.
No Kool-Aid® for me, thank you -- like my good friend Bartcop, I'm strictly a Chinaco man. And unlike you, I limit my howling at the moon to nights when the moon is full and the sky is clear.
BTW, if you don't want me to call you "Margaret" any more, why don't you go to Comcast Member Services and GET YOUR OWN FUCKING EMAIL ADDRESS? You'd have a lot more credibility if you stopped hiding behind mommy's skirts.

How does John Kerry serving in Vietnam make him a better leader for our country?
Lisa Zolman <>
Olympia, WA -- Saturday, 25 September 2004 at 20:47
It wasn't just the fact that he served in Vietnam -- if that were the case, then I'd be qualified to be president. It was the fact that he faced up to his responsbilities as a member of this society and a citizen of this country and enlisted in the military -- and volunteered for Vietnam, the fact that he was a respected commander who led his men in combat -- and led them safely out of it, and the fact that he has proven himself a leader repeatedly on the field of battle. That's why his Vietnam service makes him a better leader for this country.

Hate Mail!
"Margaret" is back (see below). Turns out his name isn't Margaret after all; it's George. And he's actually left a location this time.

I am a Vietnam Veteran like the majority. I assume, of the guys that write into your website. Here are my bona fides: U.S. Army December 1966 - 67, First Signal Brigade, U.S.Army STRATCOM - Long Lines North, Danang, RVN. We were on the edge of Danang AirBase, a mine field across from South Vietnam Army I-Corps Headquarters.
Apparently my experience was different from others because I was not a hero like you transportation guys. I didn't get a Purple Heart or a medal for bravery.

George, do I detect a note of irony or sarcasm here? You think that's funny? Maybe you also think it's funny that a friend of mine, Sergeant William Seay, was awarded a posthumous Medal of Honor for his heroic actions in a convoy ambush in August 1968. Maybe you'd like to share your little joke with his family. I'm sure they'd find it just hilarous.
Why don't you share it with the members of my old transportation battalion, the 6th, who are in Iraq today, running convoys and getting shot at -- and wounded and killed. They'd love to hear from someone like you, someone who "supports the troops".
I received the standard medals that millions of GIs got. I did my job, kept my head down, and survived.
Here are the things that I learned in battle: (1) war really is hell, (2) it doesn't always go the way you want it to; and (3) when it's bad, it's really bad, but, (4) it gets better (most of the time).
Here are the things that I see happening today.
1. A guy who is a traitor to this nation is asking you folks to vote for him.
That would be George W. Bush, who is continuing to give "aid and comfort to the enemy" (the constitutional definition of treason -- you could look it up) by ignoring Osama Bin Laden and the Al Qaeda network while pursuing his ill-advised, needless, unwarranted, illegal and addlebrained occupation of Iraq
2. Hard core Liberal-Ass-Hole Democrats are actually going to do it.
No, we're all voting for John Kerry.
3. Some Vietnam Veterans have a short memory, but NOT ALL of us!
No, indeed, not all of us. A good many of us -- including Colin Powell -- remember, for example, the resentment we felt towards the sons of the wealthy who could hide out in the National Guard, or get multiple college deferments and completely avoid service in the military, let alone having to go to Vietnam. Forgot that already, didn't you, George?
I guess so, since you are willing to support a coke snorting fratboy who used his family connections to get into an already-full champagne unit of the Texas Air National Guard, and then couldn't even be bothered to show up for the required drills or his yearly physical exam. And then lied about it, and continues to lie about it to this very day.
And what will you tell the families of these guys, one of whom died in the place of George W. Bush? Want to make one of your little jokes to them, too?
I guess you are proud to support a president who is planning to cut nearly one billion dollars from the Veterans Administration budget next year, and close veterans' hospitals across the country, while at the very same time he is producing a whole new crop of severely wounded veterans who will need medical care.
That a fellow Vietnam veteran could support this sorry excuse for a leader is beyond pathetic: It is appalling, reprehensible and shameful.
4. A Political Party that I grew up loving has propped up a phoney hero and sold its soul to the devil in order to win an election.
And once again, that would be the Republican Party and George W. Bush.
As a separate item. Please do no mock my wife Margaret in future assinine [sic] comments on your website unless you are willing to face me, man-to-man. This is not a threat, it is a challenge. Are you up to it?
YOUR CALL, asshole!
George Quillivam <>
Huntsville, AL -- Friday, 24 September 2004 at 20:40
Well, George, why don't you get your own email address and quit hiding behind your wife's skirts? If you had shown the very least amount of respect possible in your first diatribe and given me your real name, I wouldn't be "mocking" your wife. I would be mocking you. Like I'm doing right now.
And I can't believe you are calling me out. Dude, you gotta be pushing 60, if you aren't on the sunset side of it already. You're in no position or condition to be making threats. Excuse me, "challenges"...
Finally, you are calling me "asshole"? Does this mean we won't be exchanging Xmas cards this year?

Dennis, I have sent this letter to every elected official I can vote for from local congress to the president and our local attorney general. To date the AG has replied sending me the names of my federal senators and contact info. They were first at about 3 days response. Then the vice prez had someone in his office send me a postcard saying they got the letter.
After a week or so I sent the letter to several news outlets and had not heard back. This week Patty Murray and one day later the Daily 0 responded to my letter. Patty was very kind and expressed a since of regret and greater understanding than one would have thought. After hearing about your daily zero articles being edited I decided not to let them print my letter in the opinion pages.
It is so much more than an opinion, it is what I came up with after spending the 4th of July thinking about our country, a day I usually spend in joyus celebration. It took a long time to refine it into two simple paragraphs and I did not want them changing it. They also asked if this was a form letter or one I created. I did create this one, I can only hope it becomes a chain/form letter.
Feel free to copy this, print it out and sign your name and send it to your local and federal officials as I have done.

Not in my Name
I have watched the US develop in the 21st century, I have seen some good, I have seen some bad. I have been able to quietly sit by and watch the bad happen, and in turn do my little part to off set it. Global warming for instance, I buy green power. There are some things a person can not and should not sit by and watch, the things done in My Name for Me by My government, horrible, terrible, despicable things that have no place in this world; certainly not for Me or in My Name.
I speak of the atrocities in Iraq, the torture of prisoners by contract civilian security firms and our own soldiers. There is no threat so great that the President can in my name allow the torture of humans. There is no cause you can bolster around; that I will acknowledge or support the need for torture. The fact that I was lied to about the war is disgusting enough, to take us into a war that kills the innocent for no explainable gain, or puts my neighbors, cousins, and friends in danger. That is a crime in itself, but to then round up random civilians and leave them in prison to be tortured until an Ally of ours reports the crime is far and beyond acceptable. The fact that Congress and the Pentagon support this war and the torture of prisoners is flabbergasting, to imagine that the society I find myself in takes torture, humiliation, and death of innocent people as acceptable (I am at a loss to find the words to finish this sentence).

[Name Redacted] <[email address redacted]>
Olympia, WA -- Wednesday, 22 September 2004 at 19:19
After being subjected to numerous personal attacks by assorted wingnuts, freepers, lurkers, trolls, morons and Repugnican thugs (but I am being redundant), this correspondent finally had enough and asked to have his name and email address removed from this page. Since he was nice enough about it, I complied with that request. Unlike any request from Margaret, The Racist Pigboy, the Lame-assed Major or anyone else. You people can piss up a rope.

I'm a collector of war letters, war diaries, and war photos. I recently acquired a archive of 170 slide photographs, from the Vietnam War, that were photographed by James Walker, who was a diplomat with the Foreign Service program. Some great shots he took. Walker was a tall lanky black fellow from North Carolina. Allegedly he later became a lawyer.
Firstly, I'm seeking any biographical info on James Walker from anybody that can give me any. Secondly, please tell me what do these Foreign Service guys actually do? I can't figure out what they do, other than take vacations on the taxpayer dollar.
As for Kerry, if John Kerry spoke out against war crimes during Vietnam, some of you are assholes if you say he betrayed fellow veterans. Face the fact: some veterans serve honorably, some don't. It's human nature In every generation, in every battalion, in every platoon there are assholes not fit to walk among the free. You see it in the prisons. Some of these prison guards ought to be switching places with some of the convicts they guard.
Marc Smilen <>
Dania Beach, FL -- Monday, 6 Sept 2004 at 09:55

Great website! I served in the 1st Gulf War as the CO of the 281st Transportation Company, which was a medium truck company supplying fuel.
Unfortunately, many of us (Gulf War Vets) are sick, and don't have the energy to do anything much more than survive, compliments of George Bush. I pray everyday for the defeat of George W and reclaiming our country.
It is just sickening what the Republican "spin masters" have done with the Swift Boat Vets, they have effectively and deliberately triggered a lot of Nam Vets with PTSD and used this as a HUGE SMOKE SCREEN to divert attention from the here and now (which I believe is of utmost importance).
Capitalizing on Vets emotional and mental traumas is reprehensible -- this tactic alone should be enough for anyone to vote against GW.
Liz Burris <>
Tacoma, WA -- Saturday, 28 Aug 2004 at 17:54

Hate Mail!
John Kerry disgraced all military personnel during his testimony to congress in 71 after his 4 month tour in-country. He isn't fit to be the Commander-in-Chief of the Military.
Bill Watters < No Email Provided >
San Antonio, TX -- Friday, 27 Aug 2004 at 14:50

Update! Tuesday, 31 Aug 2004
You can run but you can't hide from an Internet Guru:
Bill's email is
NOTE: I do not want anyone "spamming" Bill on my behalf. As with the major (see below) I'm sure that he and I have an honest difference of opinion on this, and that he would agree with me that we have free speech in this country and the ability to express our disagreements in a civilized manner.

Original Response:
Well, Bill, since you are apparently in hiding and have refused to leave an email address, I can't respond to you directly as I usually do to individuals who have taken the time to leave a guestbook entry. I can only hope that you will check back to see your name in print, so to speak, and read this response.
Those of you who insist that Kerry disgraced all military personnel in his testimony perhaps could benefit from actually READING that testimony, instead of relying on what you are being spoon-fed by the right wing wackos at Faux News.
Do us all a favor and read the entire testimony on the C-Span website. Nowhere in that testimony -- or on any occasion outside of it -- does he call all Vietnam vets "baby-killers", etc., as we have been so skillfully led to believe by the Repugnican thugs and their lap-dog lackeys in the right-wing media, and by "professional" Vietnam veterans (of which I suspect you are one) who refuse to admit that we were lied to and led into a quagmire by our own government, and forced to fight a colonial war against an indigenous people that was, in every respect, unwinnable.
Kerry had just returned from the Winter Soldier Investigation in Detroit, where he heard over 150 decorated Vietnam veterans testify under oath to the atrocities they had witnessed.
Those who say that he disgraced all veterans by repeating what he had heard -- in sworn testimony -- from those veterans are just not willing to face the facts. Atrocities did occur, and they occurred with appalling regularity. Just because YOU never saw any does not mean that there were NO atrocities. I never witnessed any, either, but I heard about them, and you probably did, too.
How about My Lai? Does that name ring a bell with you? Do you believe that was a totally isolated incident? How about the Tiger Force, which you can read about on the Toledo Blade website?
*         *         *         *
One final note: John Kerry WENT into the military when he didn't have to, and went to Vietnam when he didn't have to, and, despite the now completely discredited efforts of the Swift Boat Liars for Bush, came home a wounded and decorated war hero.
He did NOT use his family connections to leap to the front of a long waiting line of an already-full "champagne unit" of the Texas Air National Guard and then end up shirking that duty to an extent that, in a normal chain of events, would have resulted in the very least in an Article 15, if not a court martial.
If you were in the service yourself, and take the time to actually examine the facts, you will come to this conclusion yourself.
But you won't. That's my guess. You'd rather keep your head in the sand and vote for someone who couldn't be bothered with military service at a time when the rest of us did our duty, and let someone else from his hometown die in his place.
-- DM

Thank you, Dennis, for you work on the web. I was at Phu Lam Sig Bn from May 68-May 69. I am also a Kerry supporter. You and other vets might enjoy visiting, a site for Phu Lam veterans. Your site is superb.
Bill Perkins <>
Charlotte, NC -- Wednesday, 25 Aug 2004 at 11:23

Great site. When you were chairborne feet-dry, I was livin it up feet-wet in the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club with 5300 of my closest friends. See you at the next vets for Kerry gathering.
Clint Ferrara <>
Shelton, WA -- Wednesday, 18 Aug 2004 at 20:55

U.S.C.G. '65-'69 I am learning how to do a weblog...we gotta do what we can to defeat bush and elect Kerry. Oh and thanks for the vets for Kerry email updates!
Joe <>
Ocean Park, WA -- Tuesday, August 10, 2004, at 21:44

I too am a Washington vet. I was USAF 76-78. I did not serve in Nam, But I did serve in Turkey during the Cyprus war. I am definitely a supporter of John Kerry, so please keep e-mailing me about Wavetsforkerry.
Dave Chagnon <>
Kelso, WA -- Tuesday, August 10, 2004, at 12:15

Hi Dennis, I served with several units in Nam from Jan 69 to Jun 72. Even though I was usually in Armored Cav, I did do a stint (4 months) with the 4th Trans in Vung Tau. What sweet duty! Anyway, I finally left Nam as the Plt Sgt for 2nd Plt, C Trp, 1/1 Cav. My concern is that Bush and his owners are making war veterans, yet want to cut the VA to free more money to make more veterans. Thirty-eight years ago I was drafted because we needed to defend freedom and democracy about the world(?). Today, soldiers are told to defend American interests. I'd certainly die (unwillingly) defending the United States, but I'd never die to make fat cats fatter. If young people today are interested in defending corporate interests, well go for it, but don't chop the support systen they will need later.
Over the years, from being homeless to now being able to help the homeless, I have learned quite a lot. Years ago I used to call you guys REMFs, but I have since learned that we were altogether, and quicker than blood we have now become one. There were no lesser jobs in Nam!
I might have been in the bush, but if it hadn't have been for the guys loading choppers, the guys in trucks making sure the stuff got there, well we would have been in a fix! We (even the stupid ones) thank all of you for being there for us. Thank You. Sgt R. Campbell, 2nd Plt, C Trp, 1st Sqdn, 1st Armored Cav.
Rich Campbell <>
Tonasket, WA -- -- Monday, August 9, 2994 at 15:38

Glad to be associated with Veterans for Kerry
RG "Mike" Clingman<>
Olympia, WA -- Monday, August 9, 2994 at 09:28

USS Ranger (CVA-61) Vietnam 67-68, 68-69 This country will not survive another 4 years of greed and lies.
Clinton Ferrara <>
Shelton, WA -- Monday, August 9, 2994 at 07:13

I am a 4 year vet of the USAF, but my time was spent in the Airforce during the Korean war. My son was in the Army for 16 years, stationed in peacet in Korea, but later in Germany and Bosnia. He's married to reborn christian, so he's no help to you, or me. I can't understand why Bush's sidekicks are trying undo John Kerry's war record other than I guess it won't make Bush's draft dodging and awol period not look so bad.
Re Bush's not keeping his flight physical current when he went to Alabama, doesn't make any sense. I've worked in Air Traffic Control all my life, and to a man (pilot) life ends when they lose fly status. Thats all pilots talk about!
Bush was rated as one of the best pilots in his outfit, and he says he loved to fly. Could it be he couldn't pass his flight physical because of drugs and or alcohol? The time frame matches.
While I'm at it Bush says he doesn't read newspapers and was a "C" student in college. Well if that is true, he was lucky to graduate from Yale. But this brings up how did he get into Harvard MBA WITH A "C" AVERAGE? How did he graduate from Harvard master program (MBA) when "C" doesn't count for a master in any college let alone HARVARD. Daddy Bush must have built a new library for Harvard!
As in Farenheit 9-11, daddy didn't spring for his original half million when W drilling for oil, they surmise that the Arab prince must have bought it. For that matter this old Texas ranch in Crawford, he spends his time at, who paid for that in the year 2000? I wish I had a fairy godmother.
Roger L. Hicks <>
Bellingham, WA -- Sunday, 8 August 2004 at 21:19

Doorgunner, 25th Aviation BN, Cu Chi. Aerial Recon, 245th SAC, Marble Mtn. Danang, 25 Aug 67 to 8 Oct 68.
The chickenhawks in the Bush Administration have to go.
John Edwards < >
Seattle, WA -- Thursday, July 22, 2004 at 20:09

I served in Vietnam from Sept 67 to Sept 68 at Long Binh. I was in the 147th L.E.M. Co, 79th Maint Bn.
I haven't had time to read everything on your site yet, but I did read enough to know that I agree with you 100% regarding your support for John Kerry. It's a shame that so many Vietnam vets have bought in to the lies and propaganda put out by the Chickenhawks in the Republican Party and their conservative talk show host supporters.
Mr. Kerry is a legitimate war hero and it really burns me up when they try to smear him (i.e. Swift Boat Veterans For The Truth). Regarding his war record, the only opinions I value are from his crew, and they all support him.
Keep up the good work Dennis....we need folks like you to keep getting the truth out there. Thanks. Tom
Tom Trego <>
Baltimore, MD -- Thursday, July 1, 2004 at 05:35

Dennis: John Higgins, who happened upon your teriffic 543rd site early on [see below]. As I mentioned, I was part of the forming of the 543rd in Ft. Campbell and then shipping the whole company, including our trucks. . . . to vietnam. We did the troop ship trek over. We did what we we had to and were told to.
My family background is very, very, liberal Democratic, Chicago based, but I was raised on LI, NY, living in NH. I am an extremely proud AMERICAN FIRST, my party choice second. Over the years I am not as liberal demorcatic as I once was and I will say, God rest the soul of my father, grandfather, and my uncle, Father George Higgins, I am an independent, voting yes, Republican.
Dennis, my liberal father always said, political extremeism is a circle and both sides meet. Dennis, the A-hole that did that to your bumber is one of them, I would not do that to you, and I don't vote the way you do. I will vote for Bush and you Kerry, it is our choice, why, because, remember, we fought for this right. The problem is the extreme sides of the parties and our mind set, "he votes different than me so he is my enemy."
Bravo to you that you are so committed to the campaign for Kerry, but I do not, with due respect, I don't support Kerry, but I believe he is a true American and a good person.
Because you are a public figure with your web site, you are open to critiism, we all get s*** everyday. Stay your course, vote your way, I think you are a great american and I don't vote your way, but we both served the american way. Chill and stay the course, not all the Republicans are bad, only the ignorant, this goes for both sides.
John Higgins <>
Nashua, NH - Tuesday, June 29, 2004 at 15:29

Thanks, John, for providing some needed dignity to this sometimes irate political discourse. I think it brings some balance and helps to lower the overall strident tone, and I do respect and defend your decision even while I am at a loss to understand how you arrived at it.

Hate Mail!
Note: Usually I don't even bother with this kind of crap, but this guy is too much. He's a major in the army, stationed at (appropriately) Fort Bragg.

Let it and John Kerry can't seem to leave the 60's. Instead of bashing a great president -

When did I do that? I only bashed The Shrub, a/k/a The Unelected Fraud, a/k/a The Smirking Chimp, a/k/a The Chimperor, and so on.

why not try harder to tell me why I should consider John Kerry - you just don't get it, do you?

I guess I don't "get it"...but I'll bet you won't tell me why you haven't even bothered to go to Senator Kerry's website and find out for yourself. But you don't have to -- I already know the answer and so do you.

If you're so unhappy -move alittle north - Canada is your well as France, Germany, Russia, China....John Kerry.

Yes, the first three of those countries are our ALLIES. They are our friends. And we have close trading agreements with the other two, agreements approved by the Republican Congress. And it's a little difficult to track the rest of it: John Kerry is a country now? I don't think so, but yes, you are right, he IS my friend. So what the hell are you talking about? Move away? Why would I do that? This is my country, too. My family has been here since the late 1500s (that's over 400 years, to the mathematically challenged), and I have every right to exercise my freedom of speech about my country and the malignant excuse for leadership that has hijacked it.
And finally this: "a little" is two words. We used to know how to spell when I was in the army.

Sorry I wasted my time on this email.

That makes two of us.

Bottomline: You Suck!

THAT is your bottom line (note: two words) -- that I suck? Jesus, Major, couldn't you really do any better than that. That's fucking pathetic.

Major (in the new and improved Army who gives a damn enough to fight this war for reasons you'll never understand) Maloy

Reasons I'll never understand? Yeah, you got that one right, buddy. Remind us again: Why we are in Iraq? Oh, and just one question of you before we go: WHERE ARE THE GOD DAMNED WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION? It looks like it's for reasons YOU'LL never understand, either.
Your email address is Fort Bragg, so I'm guessing you're really in no position to answer the question about the Weapons of Mass Destruction, are you?
What do you think about the retired four-star generals, admirals, bird colonels, Navy captains, etc. etc., all of whom outrank you, and all of whom are supporting John Kerry? I suppose they don't "get it", either. And what about today's news that a group of 26 retired diplomats and high-ranking military officers are urging people NOT to vote for The Smirking Chimp in November? Are you going to tell us that THEY don't "get it"? [Full story, NY Times 6-14-04; Joe Consason, New York Observer 6-16-04.]

The major's email address: <> -- NOTE: I do not want anyone "spamming" the major on my behalf. I'm sure that he and I have an honest difference of opinion on this, and that he would agree with me that we have free speech in this country and the ability to express that disagreement in a civilized manner.
-- DM

The link to the war dead from Casper, WY and Midland, TX sure makes a strong case for what kind of chickenhawks both Cheney and Bush really are! What would be effective on this page is a link to "Fortunate Son." That song must have been written for those two losers!
Bob & Debby Pattin <>
Olympia, WA -- Saturday, June 12, 2004 at 21:37

I couldn't find a non-copyright-violating track to Fortunate Son, but you can always buy the CD from Amazon; those of you who have forgotten what the song is about -- or never knew -- can also read the lyrics here. It does sound like it was written about the chickenhawks-in-chief, doesn't it?

I was going to download your AFVN sound clips but after seeing you're supporting John Kerry, I decided not to.
Paige Sawyer, RVN 1969-71 <>
Georgetown, SC -- Sunday, May 30, 2004 at 17:19

Gee, Paige, that sounds a little like cutting off your nose to spite your face. If you want to cheat yourself out of the enjoyment of listening to the AFVN sound clips only because I am supporting Senator John Kerry (the next president of the United States), then I actually feel sorry for you, so I won't make any of my usual snide comments.

Though I can't agree with your politics, (I think that Kerry is an opportunistic bastard that shit all over his "band of brothers" with his involvement in the VVAW.) I've enjoyed your site. Brings back some memories.
I was there from Dec '69 to Feb'71 (Extended my stay so that I could get out of the Army when I got back). I was a personnel records clerk assigned to Headquarters Company, Long Binh Post. Our company area was right on "Highway One" between gate 2 and gate 3. HHQ had charge of things like clubs and messes, TOC, medical and dental clinics, postal - things like that. Actually we were part of the 56th APU or they were part of us. I never did understand the Army's way of staffing. Eventually (late '70 or early '71), our unit became part of HHC USARV, and we moved over near HHC. Was it called "The Hill"?
Brings back a flood of memories - - - The Dragon Lady (I seem to remember her in a dark Mercedes or Rolls, something like that) The steam bath. Loon Foon's. Malaria pills on Monday. Slipping down to Saigon for a real steam bath with "special". Vung Tao. Bob Hope at the Curry ampitheater. The constant drone of choppers landing at the medivac pads. LBJ (the jail). Occasional rockets in the morning just to keep us honest. R&R in Sydney. MACV cards. Ration cards. (How did we get by on 4 cases of beer a month?) Soaker pits and non-flush latrines. The sheer boredom of working 7:30 to 5:30, 6 1/2 days a week, doing a job that only took a couple of hrs a day. Hard to believe it was almost 35 yrs. ago.
Dan Thomas <>
St Petersburg, FL -- Thursday, April 29, 2004, at 10:04

Note: Thanks, Dan, it's always nice to hear from a fellow chairborne ranger. I'm glad you like the website, despite our political differences.
About all I can add is that I would rather have a fellow Vietnam veteran at the helm than a spoiled brat fratboy who was born on third base and thought he hit a triple, whose daddy got him into a National Guard unit over the top of 150+ other men, and who ended up not even fulfilling the minimum requirements for that duty. So which of these guys died in Vietnam in his place?
And finally, I would urge you to read the full text of John Kerry's testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on April 22, 1971. You may come away with a different opinion of him if you do.

Just a note to "Margaret" [see below], I served with Dennis and know for a fact he was there. Your rant as to whether Kerry deserved the medals he received falls on deaf ears, the government gave him the medals. Maybe you think everyone can create things out of thin air as W does. The only thing W creats well are lies, BS, and the death of our children. Any vet who would vote for W must enjoy being bent over. The name "MARGARET" fits!
Ed McManus <>
Santa Ana, CA -- Monday, April 19, 2004, at 10:51

Hate Mail!
So you are the gutless wonder who started this Pro-Kerry website. Were you really in VietNam? I cannot imagine that you could have been there and still support this socialist SOB. Here is what I just wrote to his website. What are the odds that he will respond?
Release your military records as President Bush did his.
I knew lots of brave men in Vietnam, but I never met anyone that was wounded 3-times in 4 1/2 months and lived to talk about it. I especially never met a single combat soldier that used his Purple Hearts to get out of the war zone.
So right now, my opinion of you as a soldier is that you are a gutless wonder that used a few scrapes to get your ass out of the shit.
This matches exactly my opinion of you as a man. After you served 1/3 of a tour in the Nam, you denigrated our soldiers, calling them rapists and killers. You are a lousy excuse for a human being.
Fuck you very much.

Get your balls together if you really are a Vietnam Vet, and get behind this inquery. Otherwise fuck-off like all the other wantabees in Kerry entourage.
Margaret Quillivan <>
March 27, 2004 at 16:42:00

Well, "Margaret" -- if that's really your name, which I doubt -- it's pretty easy for you to call ME gutless, but I note that you are most likely not using your real name on your email, and you haven't even mentioned your location.
This wasn't a pro-Kerry website when it started out two years ago. It was -- and still is primarily -- a Vietnam veteran's personal website. If you choose to believe that I wasn't there, that is your right, but maybe you'd like to try to explain why would I go to all these ridiculous lengths -- including faking a bunch of photographs -- if I really wasn't there.
pResident Bush did NOT release all of his military records. Do the research yourself before you make sweeping statements. Regardless of your feelings about Kerry, the fact remains that he DID serve in Vietnam, unlike 99.9% of the chickenhawk Repugnicans who got us into this new Iraqi quagmire. If you want to know the real facts about Kerry's Purple Hearts, here's an excellent article on Snopes that pretty much covers the whole thing: Service Mettle -- not that you'll bother to read it and educate yourself with the truth. Like Jack Nicholson said in A Few Good Men, "you can't handle the truth".
And you are right: I am also sick of all the Vietnam-vet-wannabes in Kerry's entourage.
Like Max Cleland: Imagine, pretending to be a decorated war hero and triple amputee who left three limbs on the ground in Khe Sanh, just so you can say you were in Vietnam when you are actually just another wannabe.
Like Wesley Clark: Imagine, pretending to be a decorated four-star general who was wounded severely in action, just so you can say you were in Vietnam when you are actually just another wannabe.

An amigo sent me a link to your web page.
Well this e-mail is from a Veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom who also thinks Mr. Bush has to Go! Like I told one of the guys last night … Bush and Rumsfeld don’t mind it when you are healthy and able to fight in a war. Once you get hurt or busted up and are of no further use to the military then you get to see the other side of the coin…
I was madder than hell when I started reading about the Bush plan to change the way VA Home loans are done so the private mortgage companies can make some $$$ off the vets.
How in the hell is he going to accommodate all the new veterans form OIF and OEF by closing VA clinics and hospitals and not funding them enough when he cant even accommodate the vets we have now????????? Veterans for Kerry is what I am saying
Scott Haywood <>
March 27, 2004 at 15:00:01

Served incountry 11/66-4/69 with 5th Special Forces Group (airborne) 1st Special Forces..great site and keep up the good work...DOWN WITH THE REPUBLICANS!
carlo dibattista <>
Lake Worth, FL -- Tuesday, March 23, 2004 at 09:10:47

Vietnam Era Veteran: 247th Tran Co, 25th Inf Division
US Army Reserves: 281st Helicopter Company
Missouri Army National Guard: 868 Med Det (Air Evac)
New Jersey Army National Guard: 150th Aviation Co, 50th Armor Div
I was an involunteer soldier to start. But ended up staying 15 years until I had had enough. My daughters are now in the US Army Reserves in Wichita KS. So far they are still in Wichita KS, and hopefull with President Kerry they will stay here. I've bookedmarked this page and looking forward to having more time to check it out. To paraphrase a former President, and a Medal of Honor recepient, it is not treason to question the President, but it is treason not to.
Richard L. Rogers <>
Rose Hill, KS -- March 22, 2004 at 08:23:41

I'm enjoying finding "new" Vietnam-era oriented websites. It's been over three decades since I did my time there as an advisor in the Mekong Delta province then known as Phong Dinh. It seems as if almost everyone who served has a different "story" to tell and I find all of them compelling. I haven't fully explored your site as yet but I did come across an interesting one you might want to link up with: It centers on the Cantho Airfield before, during, and after the time (1970-71) I was there. Some of my more memorable "adventures" involved that facility but I actually spent more time in Cantho itself (where I was headquartered and billeted)and in the field with my counterpart.
By the way, I'm all for Kerry. No doubt about it.
Alan J. Parent <>
West Nottingham, NH -- Monday, March 22, 2004 at 08:29:53

Great web site Dennis. Keep up the great work. What is a chickenhawk? A coward or a draft dodger?
Chris Miles <>
Sydney, NSW -- March 8, 2004, at 04:13

Note: According to the New Hampshire Gazette which maintains the Chickenhawk Database, Chickenhawk is "a term often applied to public persons - generally male - who (1) tend to advocate, or are fervent supporters of those who advocate, military solutions to political problems, and who have personally (2) declined to take advantage of a significant opportunity to serve in uniform during wartime"...

Dennis -- I came across your site through a link of yours to the Vietnam War Generation Journal. I happen to agree with you about the current state of political affairs and plan on supporting Kerry through the already nasty mudslinging and slandering offered up by the neocons. I will pass on your site and the site of Vietnam Vets for Kerry to several of my vet buddies, who are also going to support him.
Congratulations on your book, I plan to get a copy and respect your donation of profits to Kerry's campaign. I am struggling with my own service days book, creative non-fiction, likely it will be done long after whomever is elected is out of office <g>.
welcome home
Jeff Manthos <>
Navy helicopter aircrew, 1972-76
USS Kitty Hawk, USS Ranger -- South China Sea, Tonkin Gulf, Indian Ocean, Persian Gulf
Corvallis, OR -- Sunday, March 7, 2004, at 19:39

Thanks! There are so many of us who remember what America is supposed to be about. We've got to get it back!
SMSgt Fred W. MacArthur, USAF Ret. <>
Osteen, FL -- Sunday, March 7, 2004, at 06:15

Dennis, this is way cool. I have yet to peruse the entire site but this kicks ass! It is an honor to know someone who has in his heart such compassion to follow his dreams and to make reality that which he knows is right.
Tara Hielema <>
Olympia, WA -- Wednesday, March 3, 2004 at 16:59

I guess you supported Bill Clinton.
2/563rd Med
May 67- May 68
Sgt. C. R. "Bob" Payne <>
Harris County, TX -- Thursday, January 22, 2004, at 11:03

Yes, matter of fact I did. Along with 73% of our fellow Americans, the day after he was impeached by a mad-dog Clinton-hating Republican Congress. See, for example, this story.
And let's not forget that both of Junior's overseas adventures, Afghanistan and Iraq, are being fought by the Clinton military, as this story, by Lawrence Korb, an assistant secretary of defense in the Reagan Administration, illustrates so well.

Hate Mail!
If brains were snot, you couldn't blow your nose and moisten a rag. God what a dumb ass.
Gunny D <>
"America" -- Monday, January 12, 2004 at 21:54

Well, "Gunny D", at least I'm not afraid to identify myself when I express an opinion. I'm also not afraid to post on this website your pitiful attempt at a diatribe. You probably thought I wouldn't do it.
It is so typical of Repugnicans to resort to name-calling when they realize they can't defend their pResident's policies.