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These are political song parodies that are presented as humor. If you are the subject of one of these parodies and are offended...well, that's just too bad. Get over it.
If you don't know -- or can't remember -- the melody, click on the speaker icon to hear a .midi version of the song. (Thanks to Gary's Midi Pages for the soundfiles.)

  1. Oxy from Miami -- (Rush Limbaugh) to the tune of Okie From Muskogee
  2. Tom Delay -- (Tom Delay, of course) to the tune of Barbara Ann
  3. Chickenhawks -- (Bush & Cheney) to the tune of Rocky Top
  4. Diebold on the Fly -- (Ohio Vote Fraud) to the tune of Lucy in the Sky
  5. Fox News Lies -- (Hume and O'Reilly) to the tune of Spirit in the Sky
  6. Fear it in the Night -- (Ann "Thrax" Coulter") to the tune of Spirit in the Night
  7. Iraq Isn't All That You Want -- (Bush) to the tune of You Can't Always Get What You Want
  8. J.A.I.L. -- (Karl Rove) to the tune of Y.M.C.A.
  9. Warmonger's Delight -- (Bush) to the tune of Afternoon Delight
  10. United Nations -- (Colin Powell) to the tune of Copacabana
  11. Bush the Fortunate Son -- (Bush) to the tune of House of the Rising Sun
  12. Dubya B. Goode -- (Bush) to the tune of Johnny B. Goode
  13. Knights in White Linen -- (The KKK) to the tune of Nights in White Satin
  14. Lie Kenny Lay -- (Enron's Key Lay & Bush) to the tune of Lay Lady Lay
  15. Nightclub in Georgetown -- (The Bush Twins) to the tune of Tavern in the Town
  16. Tweaked on Treachery -- (Karl Rove) to the tune of Raised on Robbery
  17. Turd Blossom Special -- (Karl Rove) to the tune of Orange Blossom Special
  18. Gannon in Drag -- (Scott McCelland/Jeff Gannon) to the tune of Kind of a Drag

I'm proud to say that the Centre for Political Song in Glasgow, Scotland, picked up Diebold on the Fly and posted it on their website. Kind of makes me feel like an international celebrity...

Also be sure to check out the Boot Newt Singalong Page for thousands more political song parodies. These songs will soon be joining their catalog.

© 2005 Dennis Mansker