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Vietnam Casualties:
The Dead from Midland, Texas, and Casper, Wyoming

These are the men from Midland. Texas, the home town of George W. Bush, and Casper, Wyoming, the home town of Richard Cheney, who died in Vietnam.

Which of these men died in place of the two Chief Chickenhawks, both of whom had "better things to do" than to go off and fight a war that both professed to believe in?

Who died in your place, George W. Bush? Who died in your place, Dick Cheney? This is a question the GOP wasted no time asking Bill Clinton in 1992 and 1996.

I'm still waiting for an answer from President Smirking Chimp and Vice President Crashcart.

This page was cited in a piece in The Nation (May 17, 2004) -- read a reprint of the John Nichols article here. And answer up, Dick Cheney.

Note: Be sure to see the Permian Basin (Texas) Veterans Memorial honoring the men and women from West Texas who gave their lives in service.

 NameAgeRankDate of Death
Midland Texas:
1 Kendall Dwayne Cutbirth 23 SSG 2-25-1967
2 Irby Dyer III 23 Sgt 12-2-1966
3 Andrew Castro Guerro 19 CPL12-17-1970
4 Bruce Hall 19 SP412-17-1966
5 Rufus Weldon Hodges 21 SP41-17-1969
6 Glynn Byron Holley 20 E312-16-1969
7 Paulino Guiterrez Lopez 23 PFC7-22-1967
8 Cecil Curtis McKinney 22 SP510-05-1968
9 Raymond Alvis Niedecken 20 PFC12-18-1967
10 Howard Eugene Satterfield 37 SP58-29-1970
11 Raul Lerma Segovia 20 SP41-3-1969
12 Travis A. Simmons Jr. 23 E43-16-1967
13 William Robb Stall 20 E31-18-1968
14 Selvwyn Risher Taylor 31 W013-16-1969
15 Gary Eugene Watson 24 SP44-3-1968
16 Robert John Zonne Jr. 27 CPT4-20-1970

Casper Wyoming:
1 Robert Eugene Barnes 20 SP46-7-1968
2 Jerry Duane Byers 20 SP43-1-1967
3 Leroy Robert Cardenas 23 PFC6-4-1969
4 Richard Leroy Endicott 25 CPT4-30-1968
5 Robert Woodrow Grove 26 PFC2-18-1965
6 Walter Elmer Handy 26 PFC3-13-1968
7 Carlton Jake Holland 36 CPT2-9-1965
8 Richard Thomas Kastner 20 PFC11-15-1969
9 Vernon Walter Nix III 19 SSG8-6-1966
10 Douglas Tyrone Patrick 19 PFC8-6-1966
11 Charles Wayne Reberg 20 SGT4-21-1968
12 Richard John Sweeney 21 SP42-23-1969