A Day Off From the War Photo Gallery

One day a group of us from the 151st TC took off for Thu Duc to drop off the sheets and other assorted cleaning at the laundry It was such a nice day that we spent most of it in an idyll away from the war. Here is the photographic record of our day off.

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  1. On the Road
  2. At the Laundry

  3. Unloading the Truck
  4. Along Came a Papasan...
  5. ...So I Had to Climb Up in the Cart

  6. At the Laundry 1
  7. At the Laundry 2
  8. At the Laundry 3


  9. At the Laundry 4
  10. At the Laundry 5
  11. Construction Superintendent


  12. Hanging Out
  13. Easy Rider in Thu Duc
  14. Inside the Cafe


  15. Pet or Meat?
  16. Whose Kid is That?
  17. Thu Duc Tigers


  18. Who are Those Guys?
  19. Dwanny, Save Me!
  20. A Walk in the Country


  21. A Medical Facility
  22. Hey GI, You Like My Seester?
  23. Go Fly a Kite


  24. At Home in Thu Duc
  25. Lost Your Pants?
  26. Who's That in the Jungle?


  27. Filling the Pool
  28. A Country House
  29. The Monastery in Thu Duc 1


  30. The Monastery in Thu Duc 2
  31. The Monastery in Thu Duc 3
  32. The Monastery in Thu Duc 4