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6th Trans Battalion

I kept an extensive journal for the ten months and twenty-three days that I was in Vietnam. The following stories come directly from that journal, unedited except that the names have been changed to protect the innocent and the guilty alike. The stories from the journal all have pictures -- click on a photograph to see it full-size.

Note: I was recently accused of "making up" these stories (see the guestbook page); it's actually beyond me why someone would suggest that they are lies or exaggerations. If I were going to exaggerate or make up stories, I'd certainly make them a lot more exciting -- and interesting -- than these. And I wouldn't make up something that involved other people who could call the lie on me so easily. But read them yourself and make up your own mind.

  • Arrival in Vietnam -- The story of my trip from the Oakland Army Terminal to the 543rd Trans Co. at Thu Duc.

  • First Convoys -- Riding shotgun on my first convoys to Vung Tau, Lai Khe and Tan An.

  • Christmas at TC Hill -- If you're expecting some kind of uplifting miracle-in-the-trenches Christmas story here, forget about it. Here's what really happened at TC Hill Christmas 1968.

  • The 1969 Post-Tet Offensive -- On the night of Feb 22-23, 1969, TC Hill came the closest to being under attack since the fabled Tet Offensive of the previous year. This is what I experienced that night.

  • Short Rounds -- Various short journal entries covering my ten months in-country. Chosen to capture the feeling of being there, as seen by a 23-year-old smartass.

  • Leaving Vietnam -- My last days in-country.

I am also including The Morning Convoy, my very first published Vietnam fiction. This story originally appeared in Klipsun Magazine, September/October 1973. In its original appearance, a few of the paragraphs got out of order during paste-up, so what you are seeing here is the restored story, the way it was originally written.