TC Hill Photo Gallery

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  1. Fire in Cogido
  2. Another shot of the fire
  3. Didn't look like much...
  4. Until the choppers showed up.
  5. Tracers light up the night
  6. All hell broke loose in Tanker Valley
  7. Cobras and Spooky were in the air all night
  8. And so were the bullets
  9. As were the flares
  10. I followed this one down
  11. TC Hill from the highway
  12. The 151st TC orderly room
  13. Night falls on TC Hill
  14. Jeep and jet
  15. Monks across the wire
  16. The ville from the tower
  17. Choppers into USARV
  18. HQ on the Hill -- USARV in the distance
  19. The big intersection
  20. Dong Nai Bridge & the road to Saigon
  21. The Terror of the Tower
  22. TC Hill from the tower
  23. A bigger picture
  24. The tower where I took the other pictures
  25. The tree at 48th Group
  26. Dedication at 6th Battalion HQ
  27. 6th Battalion HQ front door
  28. Building the basketball court
  29. 151st TC
  30. USARV on the hill & the road to Tanker Valley
  31. Fire across the road

  1. More burning the brush
  2. More burning. I was bored...
  3. Trucks and a chopper
  4. TC Hill in the distance
  1. TC Hill from the air
  2. TC Hill from the air -- "zoomed"
  3. TC Hill from the air -- zoomed with labels