Saigon Photo Gallery

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  1. Somewhere in NE Saigon
  2. This is along the main arterial...
  3. ...through Saigon to the delta


  4. On the way downtown
  5. Another street scene
  6. Statue monument downtown
  7. Nguyen Hue Boulevard looking north


  8. International House
  9. An alley in Saigon
  10. In a taxi leaving in Saigon
  11. Over the waterway


  12. Orphans of the storm
  13. Saigon street kid
  14. Government building on Tu Do Street
  15. Saigon Post Office

  16. JFK Square
  17. Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral (front)
  18. Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral (back)
  19. In the black cat taxi

  20. New Martin Hotel
  21. Saigon Rotary Club
  22. A busy Saigon alley
  23. USO Club Saigon

  24. Presidential Palace
  25. Peaceful park near the palace
  26. Banyan tree in the park
  27. Another view of the Presidential Palace

  28. Saigon City Hall at the end of Nguyen Hue Blvd
  29. Another monumental statue
  30. Checking in at the Excelsior Hotel
  31. Oscar Hotel on the left, Excelsior on the left

  32. Chasing the round-eye blonde
  33. Recycling Saigon-style
  34. Fountain in a grassy square
  35. Saigon street scene

  36. Flower power comes to Vietnam
  37. Standing in a sea of scooters
  38. James Bond in Saigon
  39. Monument statue at the Saigon docks

  40. Nguyen Hue from the window of the hotel room
  41. Another shot shifted slightly to the right
  42. Inside the hotel
  43. Somewhere in Saigon

  44. Mickey Mouse comes to Saigon