People of the 151st TC Photo Gallery

Be sure to also see 1969 Post-Tet Offensive, Christmas at TC Hill, and the other stories on the War Stories page.

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  1. Mach Kim Cuc
  2. Mach Kim Cuc
  3. Mach Kim Cuc


  4. Mach Kim Cuc and friend
  5. Mach Kim Cuc and John Watson
  6. Mach Kim Cuc
  7. Larry Jones
  8. Hoa, my hooch girl
  9. Gary Carmichael
  10. Mike Benson
  11. John Wright
  12. John Watson
  13. Sergeants Maifield and Simmons
  14. Mike Benson at center
  15. ABC News at TC Hill
  16. Dennis Mansker being interviewed
  17. Dennis Mansker looking serious
  18. ABC News takes a break
  19. Mach Kim Cuc's friend
  20. In a hole
  21. Still in a hole
  22. Did he ever get out?
  23. Hanging out
  24. What's under there?
  25. Dave Quinn and John Watson
  26. Is that an AK-47 or Are You Just Glad to See Me?
  27. Richard Southworth
  28. Mike Benson
  29. Spec 4 Thomas
  30. Thomas's pal
  31. Ready for anything