Return to Vietnam 2008

Panoramic Photographs

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On this trip I occasionally took a series of overlapping photos and later stitched them together using a program called Pixmaker Lite from Pixaround (website). It's a free program, but I think it does an okay job.

  1. Panoramic Photo from Inside the Hanoi Hilton:

    This was on the back wall and it honors the Vietnamese who were tortured
    and killed in the prison. The former American POWs...uh, not so much...

  2. Panoramic Photos from Hue:
    These are all from the day tour of the tombs of the emperors. Damned if I know now which is which. We saw so many of them, all squeezed into the one day, that was kind of like that old movie, If It's Tuesday This Must Be Belgium...

  3. Panoramic Photo from Nha Trang:

    This was the far end of the bay, near the aquarium.

  4. Panoramic Photo from Saigon:

    This was taken from the balcony on our hotel of the street below.

  5. Panoramic Photos from Vung Tau:

    The beach as seen from the balcony of our hotel room.

    Down on the beach looking back up. Our hotel is the cream-colored
    one just to the right of center, behind the pink beach building.

    The inner harbor of Vung Tau, on the opposite side
    of the peninsula from the beach and the hotel.

  6. Panoramic Photo of the 54rd Transportation Company:

    This is a 360° photo of the former location of the 543rd. I've also created
    an auto-scrolling full 360°, along with a substantially higher-res image,
    both of which you can see here.