R. A. Long High School Class of 1963

Kindergarten at St Helens School 1950

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Here's is the class photo of kindergarten class, St Helens Elementary, 1950. The identifiable students are indicated.
Anyone have names for the other kids in this class or corrections to the identified students? If so, please them to me so I can make the identification.

I also want your other grade school photos so I can put them on this website. Any help will be appreciated.

Want to see a larger image? Click here. St Helens Kindergarten 1950

Front row: Gary Koegler, Cheryl Robb, Mary Beth Rowe, Donna Smith, Jancy Sumrall, Eileen Berg, Nancy Huffman, John Parvi, Danny White
Middle Row: Pat Everest, (-?-), Sharon Fisher, Deanna Gillmore, Carol Williams, Ann Sowders, Dawn Payne, John Grimes, Jim Enyeart?
Top Row: (-?-), (-?-), (-?-), Ben Rongey, Jimmy Anderson or Dale Erickson?, (-?-), Doug Romag, John Kilbourn?, Mrs Cornett