R. A. Long High School Class of 1963

Kindergarten at Kessler School 1951

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Here's a class photo from the AM kindergarten class at Kessler School. The identifiable students are indicated. Anyone have names for the other kids in this class or corrections to the ones identified? If so, please them to me so I can make the changes.

I also want your other grade school photos -- whatever grade school you went to -- so I can put them on this website. Any help will be appreciated.

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Front Row: (-?-), Gretchen Ashe, Steven Grogh (later Reavis), Melody Nolte, Gary McCutchan, David Rosenbloom, Terry Mason
Row 2 : Beverly Cavanaugh, Mary Pickard, Camille Storey, Susan Elliott, Norma Lee Soots, David McIvor, Bob Dedrick
Row 3: Jimmy Sparks, Connie Matheson?, Joan Hinshaw, Bill Stout? (-?-)
Row 4: Gavin Nelson, Billy Whitaker, Phil Korten, (-?-), Douglas Coplen, (-?-), Heather Gilchrist
Top Row: John McClelland, Birck Cox, Michael Cloninger, Kathy DesJardin, Mary Lou Packard, (-?-)