R. A. Long High School Class of 1963

First Grade at Kessler School 1952

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Here's a class photo from Miss Hall's First Grade class at Kessler School. If you can help with the other names -- or corrections to the ones already here -- please them to me so I can make the changes.

I also want your other grade school photos -- whatever grade school you went to -- so I can put them on this website. Any help will be appreciated.

Kessler First Grade Miss Hall
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Front row: (-?-), Pam Laulainen. Cathy Kelly, (-?-), Sue Ann Rice
2nd Row: Richard ?, Phil Korten, Gary Keilwitz, (-?-), Joann Calkins
3rd Row: Linda Wellcome, (-?-), Diane Erdman, Jimmy Johnson, (-?-), Bill Whitaker
Top row: Doug Woods, Terry Balkan, (-?-), Barbara Truax, (-?-), Chuck Reed