R. A. Long High School Class of 1963

Books by Our Classmates

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For a class the size of 1963, it's unusual to have this many writers who have actually published books. Here for your reading enjoyment (well, maybe not so much with, say, Amputations Illustrated...) are the books by our classmates.
Note: The links and product descriptions are from the Amazon.com website.

Birck Cox
Skin Deep Cover Skin Deep: An A-Z of Skin Disorders, Treatments and Health
by Carol Turkington (Author), Jeffrey S. Dover (Author), Birck Cox (Illustrator)

Among the topics covered are medications and products, traumas that can affect the skin, sun-related skin disorders, the latest advancements in medical and cosmetic treatments, and more.
Amputations Cover Amputations: An Illustrated Manual
by Robert W. Barnes (Author), Birck Cox (Author/Illustrator)

Basic, yet detailed operative atlas of amputation principles intended primarily for the junior surgical resident who most often performs these procedures.
Opthalmic Surgery Cover Ophthalmic Surgery : Principles and Practice
by George L. Spaeth (Editor), Birck Cox (Illustrator)

Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, PA. Comprehensive text/reference covers traditional and cutting-edge surgical techniques needed in daily practice. Each procedure reviews preoperative and postoperative care, indications, techniques, recognition and management of complications, and related issues.

Bob Ericksen
Theologians Under Hitler Cover Theologians Under Hitler: Gerhard Kittel, Paul Althaus and Emanuel Hirsch
by Robert P. Ericksen

This is an in depth study of the work of three Protestant theologians who were supportive of the Nazi regime. The author contrasts them with Karl Barth, Rudolph Bultmann, Paul Tillich, and Dietrich Bonhoffer, all of whom opposed Hitler.
The introductory chapter entitled "The Crisis" is particularly valuable. It places the thought of all of these German theologians in the intellectual stream of Luther, the Enlightenment, German idealism, theories of history, and especially existentialism (Kierkegaard) and dialectical theology with its stress on the infinite distance between God and humans.
[From a reader review posted on Amazon.com]
Betrayal Cover Betrayal
by Robert P. Ericksen (Editor), Susannah Heschel (Editor)

A sweeping historical examination of the often-neglected roles that Christian churches played in the Third Reich, this outstanding volume presents original research on Christian attitudes and responses to Hitler's persecution of the Jews.
Probing the churches' history, institutional structures, teachings, and actions of prominent church people and theologians, leading historians tell the story of Christian involvement from the rise of the Nazi party to the post-World War II period. They document the general support of Christians for Hitler and his program, and they detail the range of ecclesial responses---from occasional resistance to passionate and enthusiastic leadership. They ask, "What religious convictions sparked resistance in some and compliance in others, and why did so many people simply fail to act?' Together these superb studies show how the powerful moral authority of the Christian pulpit sanctioned death-dealing Nazi propaganda and raise profound questions about Christian responsibility for the ensuing catastrophe.
Complicity Cover Complicity in the Holocaust: Churches and Universities in Nazi Germany
by Robert P. Ericksen

In one of the darker aspects of Nazi Germany, churches and universities - generally respected institutions - grew to accept and support Nazi ideology. Robert P. Ericksen explains how an advanced, highly-educated, Christian nation could commit the crimes of the Holocaust. This book describes how Germany's intellectual and spiritual leaders enthusiastically partnered with Hitler's regime, thus becoming active participants in the persecution of Jews, and ultimately, in the Holocaust. Ericksen also examines Germany's deeply flawed yet successful postwar policy of denazification in these institutions. Complicity in the Holocaust argues that enthusiasm for Hitler within churches and universities effectively gave Germans permission to participate in the Nazi regime.

Dennis Mansker
Bad Attitude Cover A Bad Attitude: A novel from the Vietnam War
by Dennis Mansker

A gripping suspense novel depicting life and death in a Transportation Corps outpost on the edge of Saigon in 1968, the deadliest year of the war. Meet Farnsworth -- disgruntled draftee, reluctant soldier and world-class slacker -- is he also a cold-blooded murderer? But if he didn't kill the sadistic Sergeant Bragg, who did? See the other side of the Vietnam War -- draftees versus lifers, the Saigon black market, deteriorating race relations and a deadly race riot at Long Binh Jail. A Bad Attitude is historical fiction based on the reality of the author's military service in Vietnam.
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E. J. Taylor
Goose Eggs Cover Goose Eggs (Biscuits, Buttons, and Pickles Series)
by E.J. Taylor (Author), E. J. Taylor (Illustrator)

Ruby, Violet, and Miss Biscuit spend a busy summer caring for the garden and their newly acquired animals, especially Hannah the goose who catches a chill while sitting on her eggs in a rainstorm.
Ivy Cottage Cover Ivy Cottage (Biscuit, Buttons, and Pickles Series)
by E.J. Taylor (Author), E. J. Taylor (Illustrator)

Rag doll Violet Pickles is not happy when her owner, Miss Biscuit, retires and moves them both to an ivy-covered cottage in the country, but things begin to look better when Miss Biscuit makes Violet a doll companion.
Thorn Witch Cover The Thorn Witch (Biscuits, Buttons and Pickles Series)
by E.J. Taylor (Author), E. J. Taylor (Illustrator)

Two rag dolls captured by the Thorn Witch teach her some of the niceties of hospitality and friendship.
Rag Doll Press (Biscuits, Buttons and Pickles Series)
by E.J. Taylor (Author), E. J. Taylor (Illustrator)

Two rag dolls share some adventures with their friends during a snowstorm and find a front-page story for the newspaper they are starting.
Doll Making Dollmaking: Seven Handmade Dolls by a Master Dollmaker
by E. J. Taylor (Author), Elsa Willson (Illustrator), Belinda Banks (Photographer)

Here are seven original designs to suit the skills of any crafter from the rawest beginner to the most sophisticated talent. Whether for play or display, they will become keepsake dolls that are sure to be cherished. Line, full-color, and two-color illustrations.