R. A. Long High School Class of 1963

Military Veterans of the Class of '63

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Even though the 1960s were not an especially popular time to be in the military, a number of our classmates found themselves, either through enlistment or the draft, in the US Military:
Military Service in Vietnam:
  • Jim A. Anderson
  • Terry Baldwin
  • Frank Ball
  • George Barker
  • Al Braack
  • Claude Buley
  • Keith Carman (M)
  • Leo Dipola (aka Leonard Rynevich)
  • Tom Ellsworth
  • Jim Enyeart
  • Jerry Houston
  • Walter Jessen
  • Gary Koegler (M)
  • Rocky "Buz" Kolberg
  • Gary Keilwitz
  • Dale Lacy
  • Dave Lake
  • Jim Logsdon
  • Dean Madison
  • Dennis Mansker
  • Vernon Miller
  • Dennis Nugent
  • John Parvi
  • Jim Payne
  • Ron Peterson
  • Mike Tobiason
  • Jim Van Sickle
  • Bill Wagner (M-KIA)
  • Dan Wentz
Military Service (not Vietnam):
  • Rudy Blazek (aka Mike Johnson)
  • Dennis Bauman
  • Ken Dunn
  • Dale Erickson
  • Ross Gilchrist
  • Bob Hayes
  • Dan Harris
  • Jim Klein
  • Brian Kochis
  • Phil Korten
  • Mike Lamb
  • Pete Martin
  • Marvin Marks
  • Jim McMunn
  • Bill Muller
  • Roger Nash
  • Steve Reavis
  • Barry Rice
  • Willard Sawyer
  • John Sheridan
  • Sally Wheeler
  • Louie Whiteaker
  • Bill Wiggins
  • Bill Williams
  • Ron Woolford
NOTE: This list is based on personal knowledge, hearsay or "best guess". If you know anyone else in our class who had military service -- or if you know that some of the individuals listed as "Not Vietnam" actually served there -- send me an and I'll add them to the list or make the correction. Be sure to indicate whether the individual to be added to the list served in Vietnam.

As on the In Memoriam page, the ones marked with a (M) are our classmates who attended Monticello with us but who were not in our graduating class. Remember, someone didn't have to have actually graduated with us to be a member of the class of 1963.