R. A. Long High School Class of 1963

Seventh Grade at Monticello Jr. High 1957-58

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If you've attended any of the recent class reunions or looked at the photos, you know what we look like now. But have you forgotten what we looked like over 50 years ago, when we were all thrown together for the first time, when we were in the 7th grade at Monticello Jr. High?

Take a look at these pictures from the 1958 Yearling and have a chuckle, a shock -- or a good cry. Your choice...

Click on the small picture to open up a full-sized one. Or, if you want to see the entire 1958 Yearling, I've turned it into a .pdf document which you can open here. But be advised, it's a huge document.

Anderson -- Brewer

Browning -- DeNune

Deckard -- Gauthier

Gauthier -- Hedge

Herlocker -- Krambeck

Kukas -- McDonald

McLean -- Pederson

Perry -- Saxon

Schaefer -- Sumrall

Surby -- Zerkel
BTW, no one I'm sure remembers -- or, other than me, cares -- that 1958 was the first year for the Monticello annual, and none other than yours truly won the contest for naming the yearbook. The only fanfare was an announcement over the PA system, and my only reward was a free copy of the Yearling. Which, of course, I had already paid for.
Now, considered in retrospect, it was a good learning opportunity for me...