R. A. Long High School Class of 1963

The '63 Lumberjack
Section Eight: Seniors

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Facing Page
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Top Five Percent
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Honor Society

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Class Officers
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Group Photo
Page 136

Adair to Anderson
Page 137

Asher to Barr

Page 138

Barry to Brackett
Page 139

Bradburn to Burckhardt
Page 140

Burdette to Carns
Page 141

Carr to Coldwell

Page 142

Cope to Downum
Page 143

Downum to Erickson
Page 144

Erlandson to Fotheringill
Page 145

Franzen to Gilchrist

Page 146

Gillmore to Griffith
Page 147

Griffiths to Hanna
Page 148

Hansen to Hedberg
Page 149

Hedge to Houston

Page 150

Huffman to Johnson
Page 151

Johnston to Kirchner
Page 152

Kiser to LaBeau
Page 153

Lacey to Lawhon

Page 154

Leite to Lowe
Page 155

Luchau to McLean
Page 156

McMunn to Martin
Page 157

Mathis to Nelson

Page 158

Nelson to Nugent
Page 159

Oler to Parks
Page 160

Parvi to Portlock
Page 161

Prather to Reed

Page 162

Rheaume to Ross
Page 163

Rossi to Sell
Page 164

Sharkey to Smith
Page 165

Smith to Sukovaty

Page 166

Surby to Toney
Page 167

Van Sickle to Weeks
Page 168

Wentz to Wilde
Page 169

Williams to Woods

Page 170

Wulf to Zerkel & Alma Mater
Page 171

Senior Moods