R. A. Long High School Class of 1963

The '63 Lumberjack
Section Seven: Underclassmen

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Page 112

Facing Page

Page 113

Page 114

Class of 65 Officers/
Adamek to Bailey
Page 115

Baker to Davis
Page 116

Dawson to Jenson

Page 117

Jensen to Oxford
Page 118

Page to Traub
Page 119

Tucker to Yanta
Page 120

Class of 64 Officers

Page 121

Abell to Bunn
Page 122

Bystrom to Dunn
Page 123

Edwards to Green
Page 124

Grods to Kaiser

Page 125

Kalagonis to Lyon
Page 126

McLagan to Nolan
Page 127

O'Connor to Reeves
Page 128

Reid to Stewart

Page 129

Suggs to Zonich