R. A. Long High School Class of 1963

Ten-Year Reunion 1973

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In August of 1973, 131 members of the Class of 63 met in Longview at the AWPPW union hall for their ten-year reunion. Since we had a graduating class of 276 students, nearly half of our class made it to our first reunion.

Take a look at these faces and see if you can remember who they are without looking at the caption. You probably will get about 25% of them right. People can change a lot in ten years (and now, 40 years after this photo, they've changed even more)

RA Long Class of 1963 10-Year Reunion Photo 01

Front Row: Dean Madison, Barbara Lundberg, Pam Chambers, Ruth Ann Presson, Jodi Packard, Betty Jo Barr, Peggy Surby, Kathy Fettis, Jan Browning, Kathy Rice, Mary Kay Riley, Sheila Luchau
Row 2: Ron Peterson, John Grimes, Dale Griffiths, Sandy Cochran, Judy Stoltz , Donna Smith, Peggy Simpson, Patty Simpson , Gayle Rice, Jancy Sumrall, Carole Rubert, Lynda Norris, Pat Harris, Mary L'Amie, Mary Lou Packard, Gale Ann Lindquist, Frank Willis
Row 3: Willard Sawyer, Dennis Mansker, Mike Anderson, Tom Green, Jim Logsdon, Veronica Schmidt, Loran Crumrine, Phyllis Halbert, Bob Hayes, Jim VanSickle, Dennis Bauman, Bill Zerkel, im Hedberg
Top Row: Barry Rice, Rick Carns, Jim Enyeart, Derek Heitsch, Lorretta Lott, Pat Gauthier, J C Toney, David Backman, John Kilbourn, Wayne Toney, Merritt Jones, Bob Cope

RA Long Class of 1963 10-Year Reunion Photo 02

Front Row: Steve White, Dave Hutton, Mike Kaipi, Brian Kochis, Dave Wilson, Ann Sowders, Mark Beise, Jerry Lippy, Keith Yeadon, Terry Baldwin, Mike Noah, Mike Lamb
Row 2 (seated): Connie Burckhardt, Glenda Evans, Janie Carasco, Eugenie Strommer, JoAnne Weeks, Joan Hinshaw, Linda Gail Fulford, Baiba Kundzins, Mary Ann Downum, Pat Hislop, Carol Mayclin, Carol Bradburn, Marcia Burdette, Linda Cochran
Row 3. Unknown, Dean Madison (again), Sam Wardle, Ruth Wulf, Becky Ross, Linda Sisson, Pat Green, Cheryl Gunter, Marian Smith, Janie Slater, Sharon Brundin, Joyce Eddy, Judy Buckley, Betty Coldwell, Leslie Johnson, Carol Williams, Cathy Lund, Patty Campbell, Dorothy Merchant, Suzie McDonald (almost hidden), Peggy Thuma, Rick Asher, Ron Adamson
Row 4: Don Maki, John Parvi, Jim Brewer, John McClelland, Jim Vian, Jim Franzen, Jim Fix, Ed Rheaume, Nancy Huffman, Kathey Sharkey, Deanna Gillmore, Debby Merz, Gary Callos, Jim Jesska, Doug Woods, Andy Kiser
Top Row: Ross (Tony) Black, Ron Peterson (again), Dennis Nugent, George Johnson, Danny White, Joe Downum, Frank Ball, George Heaton, Dave Olson, Ralph Webb, Ross Gilchrist, Art LaBeau, Terry Ashton