Viet Nam War Generation Journal

The Viet Nam War Generation Journal was published quarterly from April 2001 to April 2003. Each issue contains a wealth of short stories, non-fiction, memoirs, reviews or interviews, and poetry, in short, all the literature of the Vietnam Generation -- and the "Vietnam Generation" is an elastic term, encompassing everyone who was affected by the war.

Each issue is actually a book of approximately 130 pages, solidly bound and beautifully edited. Every issue has the potential of becoming a collectible.

Sadly, the magazine has now ceased publication, but back issues are still available. See for yourself why the Library Journal named it "One of the ten best new magazines of 2001".

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Volume One Number One
Volume One #1
Volume One Number Two
Volume One #2
Volume One Number Three
Volume One #3
Volume One Number Four
Volume One #4
Volume Two Number One
Volume Two #1
Volume Two Number Two
Volume Two #2
Volume Two Number Three and Four
Volume Two #3 & 4

The price is $15 per issue, except for the final issue, which is a special double issue and is $25. You can buy the back issues in any combination. If you buy at least four regular issues, the final double issue will be $20.
Use this table to calculate your total including book rate postage for your order. Abbreviations: "reg" is regular issue, "dbl" is the final double issue.

# IssuesPriceWeightPostageTotal
1 reg 15.009 free15.00
1 dbl 25.0018 1.8426.84
2 reg30.00181.8431.84
2 reg 1 dbl55.00362.2657.26
3 reg45.00271.8446.84
3 reg 1 dbl70.00452.2672.26
4 reg60.00362.2662.26
4 reg 1 dbl80.00542.6882.68
5 reg75.00452.2677.26
All95.0063 3.1098.10
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