The Roadrunner -- 48th Transp Group Newsletter

I managed to salvage these four issues of The Roadrunner because they all had stories in them that I had written. As with Tour 365, for the sake of clarity, the scans are fairly large and will take a bit of time to download, so please be patient.

Volume 1, Issue #6 -- June 15, 1968

  • Page One -- From CONUS, Home to Alaska
  • Page Two -- Chaplain's Corner, Stiff Competition, Getting Along
  • Page Three -- Proud of Them, Passed IG Inspection, Awards
  • Page Four -- 2,714,914 Miles in Vietnam, Commander's Column, Mommasans Receive 20,000 P (Note: You'll see my markup on this story; I wrote the facts but they changed it at 48th Group -- I guess they didn't want to advertise the fact that the US Air Force had bombed the village in error)

Volume 1, Issue #8 -- July 13, 1968

  • Page One -- Early Release Time Increased to 150 Days, BG Jones Presents Award, 352nd Trans Lays Claim to "Best Outfit"
  • Page Two -- Commander's Column, 6th Bn Gets New CO, DOD Extends Special Leave, Possession is Taxable Under Law
  • Page Three -- OK Corral Has New CO, "I Finally Made It", New Chapel Schedule, Things to Come
  • Page Four -- 62nd CO Gets Promoted, Mamasan Gets 15,000 P's, Chaplain's Corner, Smile

Volume 1, Issue #9 -- July 27, 1968

  • Page One -- Safety Awards, Poetry from the Reefer Kings
  • Page Two -- Reefer Kings Have New 1st SGT, Commander's Column, Gogido Cannonball, Welcome 534th 1st SGT
  • Page Three -- Health Tips from the Medics, Whistlers Pass IG, 86th Has New CO
  • Page Four -- Short Timers in the Cannonball, Chaplain's Corner

Volume 1, Issue #11 -- August 31, 1968

  • Page One -- "Sassic's Slammers", Safety Awards 534th, SP4 Shoup Soldier of the Month
  • Page Two -- Defense Against Vehicle Condition
  • Page Three -- Health Tips from the Medics, 86th Trans Wins a Day Off
  • Page Four -- OK Corral Has a New "Foreman", Yankee Ingenuity, Commander's Notes, 7th Bn Has a New Adjutant
  • Page Five -- Chaplain's Corner, Tigers at OK Corral?
  • Page Six -- Here is the Straight Word on How to Get R&R, Cannonball Now Has a "Monster"