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I recently heard from Tom Hill, a fellow veteran who had just returned from a trip to Thu Duc. I'll let Tom tell his own story:

I wish I had seen your site before I left and I might have tried to match up some pictures. Oddly enough, some places probably look pretty similar but you might be shocked at how urban Thu Duc is today. It is right on the dividing line between town and country and has some of the same growing pains we see in urban expansion in the US.

My girlfriend Yvonne was born in Tan Son Nhut but her family moved some time in the early 60ís when the airstrip took over their farm. She left at the age of 15 before the war ended with an Aunt who was moving to Texas and subsequently moved to Honolulu. We essentially went there to visit her mother who is over 90 years old. Here is a list of the photos I have sent and some comments.

  1. Bought flowers in Thu Duc central market for Mom's altar.
  2. More flowers for Mom
  3. Cousin's fruit stand

  4. My brother-in-law Hoa and his daughter.
  5. Shy duck seller:
  6. Construction Methods

  7. Tay Ninh
  8. Thu Duc Cafe
  9. Temple grounds Thu Duc

  10. Diana and Me
  11. Yvonne and Mom: Why we went
  12. Thu Duc Market

  13. Lettuce Farm North Thu Duc
  14. Another View of the Farm
  15. Shop Girl Badminton

  16. Saigon River
  17. Lettuce Farm #2: Future Retirement?
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