Paul Irving's 543rd TC Photos

Paul Irving Photographs

Set 2 Set 3

Paul Irving recently sent me these photographs of the 543rd TC and the 86th TC convoy duty. Here's what he had to say:

Greetings brother. I was in the 86th and 543rd from August 67 to August 68 -- spent 6 months on the road with 86th and was at Thu Duc during Tet 68.
I was taken back in time by your site, and I was totally floored by the photo of 1st Sgt. Pitt. At the time I was a young 18-yr kid and thought he was a 50 yr old man -- he didn't like me much but he looks much younger than I remembered.
I was wounded at Thu Duc during TET. I was in the back guard tower by mess hall when the VC put 3 RPGs right into the tower, Feb 19th 68. There was also a bad road ambush of 6th Bn convoy 300 yds down the road. 1st Inf Div also did combat assaults into tree-line south and village behind compound.
Attached are some photos I took during this period. Thu Duc was a pretty hot area during TET as it was a main infiltration route for VC/ NVA headed for Saigon. Cpt. Kuypers was CO at the time and one cool Sgt. McNeil was my platoon Sgt. Other names I remember are: Bleake, Plowman, Conte, Monte, Kockes, Wright, Eggers, Derrick, and Sgt.Brown. Hope you enjoy these photos, feel free to post any.
Great to find your site, Goodbye Bush and other chickenhawks!
Paul Irving

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