Old Saigon Photo Gallery

I recently came into possession of a number of images from the very early days in Saigon. These were early picture postcards produced by the French who colonized Indochina in the 19th Century. I don't have dates on these, but they appear to date from some time in the late 1800s to the early 1900s.

Update! I recently heard from Monsieur Frédéric Pinet who lives in France. M. Pinet was able to supply a lot of additional information about these photographs. See the slideshow to get the updated descriptions, which will appear in italic type in the descriptions.

To M. Pinet: Merci beaucoup!

  1. Boulevard Charner -- now called Nguyen Hue Boulevard.
  2. Boulevard Charner seen from the waterfront on the Saigon River.
  3. On the Boulevard Bonnard in Saigon.
  4. Repair of the Boulevard Charner, Progress to the 20th Century
  5. The Rue Catinat near the theatre
  6. The Rue Catinat near the Continental
  7. The foot of the Rue Catinat
  8. The square in front of the theatre
  9. Municipal Theatre of Saigon
  10. Another view of the theatre
  11. Another view the theatre
  12. The Notre Dame de Saigon Cathedral and the Hôtel Des Postes
  13. The Notre Dame de Saigon Cathedral
  14. The Hôtel Des Postes -- the Saigon Post Office.
  15. Statue of the Bishop of Adran
  16. Another view of the statue
  17. The old French colonial government house. This stood on the spot later occupied by the Presidential Palace (later the Reunification Palace and the Independence Palace).
  18. Another view of the government house.
  19. The central market place.
  20. Sampan on the Saigon River.
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