Darrel Lang's 543rd TC Photos

Darrel Lang's Photographs -- Set One

Darrel Lang sent me several sets of photographs taken when he was stationed at the 543rd. Here is set one, with Darrel's comments on each photo. Click on a thumbnail to see the picture full size.
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  1. Bunker at rear of compound, taken from tower. This was at the center behind the mess hall
  2. Forbes far left, me center, Byler lower left center. Forgot others
  3. In Saigon by Newport docks.
  4. Trucks in compound after mortars from Tet.
  5. RPG round made hole in mess hall.
  6. First bridge going into Saigon on 1A after Tet.
  7. Arvn tanks at bridge before Newport docks.
  8. South back tower after night of Tet.
  9. A street somewhere in Saigon
  10. ARVN camp on Hwy 1A
  11. Another of our towers that hit the night of Tet
  12. Three-quarter that got his the night that a convoy was hit as it came up from Saigon on 1A. I was on the front gate and let them in -- one dead and truck on fire. The CO at the time was very mad at me.
  1. Hwy 1A from a truck.
  2. We drove Philco-Fords also; this was part of the convoy that night.
  3. Very lucky guy. Forgot his name, but that was from a mortar round that night. We had about six come in.
  4. Had to drive into Saigon the next day after Tet -- some building that got hit.
  5. Just playing around after Tet -- can't think of his name.
  6. Water tank got hit by an RPG -- no showers for some time
  7. Lise
  8. Me with my truck
  9. Me putting mesh on front gate bunker
  10. Me, with the houses of Thu Duc behind the compound.
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