48th Trans Group
Vietnam Maps


6th Trans Battalion

Note: Most of these maps are fairly large in size and can take 30-45 seconds or more to download, depending on your connection speed.
  • Map of Vietnam from the Winter 1968 Issue of Tour 365
  • Map of Long Binh Post -- Just an outline, really, but it shows where everything was.
  • Thu Duc -- the Thu Duc area
  • Saigon area map -- not a street map; see below.
  • Saigon NE -- area map showing the NE sector near Saigon
  • Saigon NW -- area map showing the NW sector near Saigon
  • Saigon SE -- area map showing the SE sector near Saigon
  • Saigon SW -- area map showing the SW sector near Saigon
  • Saigon Street Map -- This is a HUGE map, so give it some time to download. This was a map given out by the Caravelle Hotel in the early days of the war, circa 1965.
  • Saigon Streets -- This is a list of streets in Saigon. It looks like it ought to go with the map (above), but the street map doesn't have coordinates.
    Note: Special thanks to Brian Fornear for providing these.

    Areas where the 48th Group typically ran convoys:

  • Vung Tau
  • Tan An
  • Cu Chi
  • Lai Khe
  • Tay Ninh