48th Trans Group
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6th Trans Battalion
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  • Army Transportation Association Vietnam -- If it has anything to do with the Tranportation Corps in Vietnam, you'll find it here. Stories, photographs, unit histories--you can spend a week and not see everything. Highly recommended.
  • 6th Transportation Battalion Today -- Wonder what's up with the 6th Battalion these days? Here's your answer: They are in Iraq.
  • My Return to Vietnam -- The story of a TC Hill veteran's return to Vietnam. Henry Bechtold was stationed at the 572nd TC and the 543rd TC in 1967-68. In August 2001 and again in October & November 2003 he returned to Vietnam and this website is the result of those trips. Of special interest are the photographs of what TC Hill looks like now. Highly recommended.
  • Vietnam Gun Trucks -- Photos, stories, chat, message board: If it had anything to do with Gun Trucks, you'll find it here.
  • 71st Transportation Battalion -- Lots of photographs of Newport and Camp Camelot, including a great photo of the damage to Newport Bridge.
  • 539th Transportation Co -- The "Hexmates". Unit history, unit rosters, photos and more.
  • 611th Transportation Co -- Personal page of Patrick Dupuis, who was with the 611th at Vinh Long in 1970-71.
  • My Cat Lai Vacation -- Jerry Simmons' personal page detailing life at the 124th TC in Cat Lai 1967-68. Recommended.

  • Brigadier General Orvil Metheny -- The General was just a lowly Lieutenant Colonel when he commanded the 6th Battalion in 1968-69. This is an Oral History interview with CPT Louis Johnson. Fascinating stuff, especially if you remember some of the things he's talking about.
  • AFVN -- the Armed Forces Vietnam Network. If you spent any time listening to AFVN -- and who didn't? -- you'll like this site. They even have downloadable sound files.
  • US Army Transportation Corps Museum -- Fort Eustis, Virginia. The only museum in the US devoted entirely to the history of military transportation. Definitely worth a visit, if only online.
  • 519th Transportation Battalion Thailand Association -- Devoted to the special transportation battalion that served in Thailand from 1966 to 1972.
  • 86th Transportation Company -- Alfred Peterson's page on the 86th, with some photographs and other stuff. Be sure to also see his 45th Surgical Hospital, Tay Ninh website as well.
  • CMAC -- Saga of a Saigon Warrior -- Well put-together site by James Finnegan, which also, like Chairborne Ranger, was set up partially in order to sell his book. Highly Recommended.
  • Vietnam Veteran Contacts -- Another page from Alfred Peterson. It contains brief histories of divisions, commands, etc., and it will provide a way for both combat and support personnel to get back together. It's a noble cause and one that we should all support. Highly recommended.
  • Order of Battle: All service & support units, down to the battalion level. When did your battalion arrive in-country? When did it leave? The answers are here, part of the Grunt online Vietnam resource website.
  • Vietnam Research by Veterans -- Everything from Agent Orange to casualty lists to locations of in-country medical facilities to manuals for the M14, M16 and more. The color scheme is a little hard on my aging eyes, but aside from that it is highly recommended.
  • Militaria-Books-Currency -- Fellow ATAV member Phillip Sampley's website, where you can buy any number of miscellaneous Vietnam and military memorabilia, collectibles, etc. If you're looking for something that had anything to do with the Vietnam TC, check here first.
  • Military USA -- Veterans databases, reunions, records searches and more. Want to verify if someone was in Vietnam? This is the place to start.
  • Vietnam Veterans Home Page -- Its mission: To provide an interactive, on-line forum for Vietnam Veterans and their families and friends to exchange information, stories, poems, songs, art, pictures, and experiences in any publishable form.
  • Vietnam Dog Tags -- While Stacey Hansen was vacationing in Vietnam, she found some dog tags in a museum. She purchased them for about $2 each and then spent the remainder of her trip looking for more. She now has over 500 dog tags that she wants to return to their rightful owners--the veterans themselves, or their families. Recommended
  • Military Pay Rates -- How much did an E4 make in 1968? How about an E7 in 1971? Find the answers on the Defense Finance and Accounting Service website. They have all of the military pay rates going back to 1949.
  • Inflation Calculator -- Find out how much that E4 pay in 1968 is worth in current purchasing power.
  • US Army Home Page -- See what's happening now in the army.li>
  • Asbestos.com -- the Mesothelioma Center; help for those suffering from asbestos poisoning.
  • Chickenhawk Database compiled by the New Hampshire Gazette, the self-described "nation's oldest newspaper". A Chickenhawk, according to the website, is "a term often applied to public persons - generally male - who (1) tend to advocate, or are fervent supporters of those who advocate, military solutions to political problems, and who have personally (2) declined to take advantage of a significant opportunity to serve in uniform during wartime". Check it out -- it's interesting stuff, especially now