Vietnam Casualties in Vietnam

NameRankBranchHome TownDOBDODAgeThe Wall
Aasen, David KimLcplUSMCLongview04/01/4408/22/6723Citation
Anderson, Richard WilburSP4ArmyKalama07/12/4703/22/6922Citation
Atchley, Keith NoelSP4ArmyWoodland02/12/4704/11/6821Citation
Baker, Duane ScottCPTUSAFLongview11/24/3806/06/6739Citation
Bloomer, Donald HughSSGTArmyKelso05/18/4804/01/7021Citation
Curtis, Gregory PaulPFCArmyLongview08/28/4812/14/6719Citation
Degen, Robert PaulPFCArmyLongview12/13/4711/20/6719Citation
Gaynor, Kurtis Lane PFC Army Kalama 12/07/4906/15/7020Citation
Hardy, Larry JosephLcplUSMCCastle Rock12/23/4705/14/6820Citation
Holland, Melvin Arnold TSGT USAF Woodland06/01/3603/11/6831Citation
Jacobsen, Warner CraigCPTUSMCLongview04/06/4206/22/6824Citation
Kruse, Dale LynnRM3NavyCastle Rock06/16/4604/30/6821Citation
Leyerle, Billy BobPFCArmyLongview01/15/4912/15/6920Citation
Matter, Mark Allen1PFCArmyLongview11/01/4910/01/7020Citation
Nelson, Bradley Albert td>PFCArmyLongview11/08/4724/04/196710Citation
Olsen, KeithSP4ArmyKelso07/02/4806/20/6920Citation
Rash, Lynley LeeSP4ArmyLongview02/12/4805/05/6820Citation
Ray, Michael GeorgeSP4ArmyLongview02/22/4712/09/6821Citation
Sanders, Harvey RichardCPLUSMCCarrolls07/25/4505/12/6721Citation
Sargent, Stevan Roy SP4 Army Kalama 05/19/4702/15/6820Citation
Secor, William DaleSGTArmyKelso08/06/5007/02/7019Citation
Silvesan, Dennis RaySGTArmyLongview12/24/4805/24/7021Citation
Smith, Albert HeughSSGTArmyKelso05/12/3201/16/6733Citation
Spears, Milton EarlPFCArmyLongview09/21/4705/06/6820Citation
Wagner, William Peter III2LTArmyLongview04/29/4506/21/6722Citation
Weiderman, Claude Fredrick2SP4ArmyCastle Rock04/22/4208/08/6624Citation
Wilkins, Gary LeeLcplUSMCLongview06/09/4805/19/6819Citation

From the time I was 12 years old until just before I was drafted at the age of 22, I lived in Cowlitz County, Washington. During that time I lived in six different neighborhoods in three different towns and went to four different schools, so I knew a LOT of these guys: They were friends, neighbors and classmates, and I am still angered that they gave their lives for the stupidity of their government.

There were officially 58,182 Vietnam deaths. There are 3143 counties, parishes and independent cities in the United States. That results in an average of 18.5 deaths per county.
With 26 dead, I'd say that Cowlitz County gave up more than its share.

1. Mark Allen Matter was the last man from Cowlitz County to die in Vietnam, 10/01/1970
2. Claude Frederick Weiderman was the first man from Cowlitz County to die in Vietnam, 08/08/1966