Photo of A-4-1 Third Platoon Ft Lewis July 1967

The "Alphagators"

Below are the names as best as I can recall them. I know this is a long shot, but if anyone can provide additional details, please send me an email at I especially would like the names of the Unknown Soldiers, and the names noted below with (-?-). The names marked with a single "?" are ones I am not sure about, so I would also like some validation of them as well. Chances are if you can identify anyone here, then you were in this platoon, but even if you can't identify anyone, I would still like to hear from you again.
Yes, that's me, 2nd row, third from the left -- why is that man smiling? Any number of times I was ordered to wipe the smile off my face, wring it out, throw it on the ground and stomp on it.

Front Row: Platoon Leader (-?-) Wysaski, Squad Leaders Chuck? Miller & (-?-) Hester, Drill Corporal (-?-) Chrz, Squad Leaders Jack Drummond & John? Wareham
2nd Row: (-?-) Blake, David Burton, Dennis Mansker, (-?-) Coughlin, Terry Mogstad, (-?-) Gould, Lloyd Martindale, Victor? Nixon, James Barandas
3rd Row: Terry Morton, Richard Thompson, (-?-) Klecker, (-?-) Askew, Laurence Tennis, Gale Abernathey, Unknown, Charles Hoflein, Fred Harrington, (-?-) Gill
4th Row: (-?-) Wolff, (-?-) Flemings, (-?-) Cornforth, Jim Anderson, Jerry White, Unknown, Bruce Hatlelei, Laird Haines?, Unknown, Julian Jensen, Luis Ortega
5th Row: (-?-) Page, (-?-) Schwartz, Lanny Stone, Glen Gregory, Bob Graham, Roger Groce, James Allen, Marvin Stewart?, James Nancarrow, Allen Lewie
Back Row: Rick Peters, Robert Hulbert, Wayne Whirlwind Horse, Dave Dutcher, Chuck? Gill, Ralph Carl Gwaltney Jr., William Chitty, Bill H(-?-), Unknown, James Schmoyer, Arne Koerschgen